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hi all



im a female in ny im 47 and the young guys i meet just wanna hang out for the evening how do i know if they really like me or just wanna hook up with a OW LOL


New member
i moved this to the ow/ym relationship support area of the forums in the hopes of gaining some great responses to your query. :)


Texas Gal
It really is no different than knowing what a same-age guy wants. ;) It just takes time with them to see what their intentions are.

Also, what a person wants at first may change after spending time with each other (for the better, of course). :)


Hey candy

Hey candy whats up? where in ny are you from? i am a 23 yr old from Queens


I would have to say that most people's intentions are sexual. But hey, its yours to give away, and to kick them out haha. Like it was said before, spend time with them, and you'll figure out what they want. I figure alot of it depends on the conversation. If they are completely engrossed within the conversation, then they are more likely to actually be interested in who you are.