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Hi all



Hello all
Well, my name is Luis and I'm from Peru, and since I remember I've always felt atraceted for more mature women..at college I was the one who chased the teacher...hahaha:D

Anyway, I'm very happy to be here.
Any question about me. feel free to ask


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Hola Luis,

Glad to have you with us, and from Peru... wow, that is just wonderful how we can all connect at Ageless.

Bienvenido! Please don't judge us for our avatars, we're all wearing our Halloween costumes.


Thanks a lot

First, I want to thanks a lot everybody for your greetings.
Second, yes Sheila, all peruvians, are very friendly, funy and about the rest...well it looks like you knows us pretty well.
And yes of course I know how to make a great Ceviche, very spice just for you.

Once again thank you so much.