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Hi Everyone


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I'm a 48 year old OW with a 27 year old YM, I've posted a few things around the board, but I figured I should formally introduce myself.

I first met J in October of 2013 when I joined my towns volunteer fire department. He was already a member, and he was very friendly and helpful as to the ropes. (I had been a member of another FD in the past, but in a different county, which was much larger and busier with WAY different rules than this small town one) I first developed a crush on him when we answered a call together in the pouring rain. My hair was soaking wet, and stuck to my face, back and everything around me, and he had water dripping down his face. We just returned to the FH and I was restocking the ambulance, and he came to the side door to ask me a question, and I found myself looking into the bluest eyes I'd ever seen-with water running down between them. :) I found myself stuttering. We became friendly, and I began to make excuses to spend time with him.

He tells me he noticed me, but knew I was married, so he kept things friendly and professional somewhat. I began opening up about my marriage, the verbal abuse, and the mental games and abuse that I had been living with for years, he was sweet and sympathetic.

We finally got together in March of 2015, at our department dinner. At first it wasn't going to be a serious relationship, but we are so meant for each other, falling in love was an inevitable step. :yes: