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How Did Your Announce Your Relationship?


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I was in a difficult situation and knew I had to announce my relationship with Jeremy sooner or later. It was very difficult in my case because I am not the type of woman who dates younger men, never really have, never even thought of it. While I am attractive, I am in a conservative way. Just a recap if you have not read my story, Jeremy was a neighbor in a condo building we used to be in, he is 39 years younger (I am 71, he is 32) and combined with the type of woman I am, this was going to be a challenge.

I did it mostly through on Facebook. First I referred to him as my neighbor, did so often and for about 4 months so my family and friends can get used to him, then I started referring to him as "my friend" that went on for a couple of months. We then had a professional photo taken of us and I point blank announced him as my boyfriend. I got a lot of congratulations, though a number of private messages asking me if I was sure of it. I think most just wanted to be polite about it. Ultimately I announced our engagement and save the wedding date info. I think some were shocked, but already realized we are a couple, especially since I continue posting pictures of us together as a couple.

To the woman out there with a younger man, how did you bring it up and how was it received?


I simply told my family that Nick was moving in with me. That was quite a shock. Those were difficult days. My family is very conservative.