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How to fall


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Though seriously since my birthday, My mom died, I was instantly cut off from my caretaker pay (helooo how about the month owed <_<), lost the house we just moved in becaus emy income alone is not close to maintaining. Had a good samaritan steal about 8k worth of stuff (he took my little truck from where it was parked 8 hours after I left state, stripped it of the everything and the trailer hooked to it. Also stole teh laptop new in box my mom was giving my middle son for xmass). All the offers for staying that have been solid all year are all called off because instead of January, I moved back to AZ in Dec. My only offer is my gamer friend in MI and his mom ... 0_0. But Bless them. Huge family yet help from 4 people, butI didnt expect much from that direction anyway
Tomorrow I will literally be homeless until 25th. Shelters cant "accomodate" my sons autism in their "programs" nor can womens shelters take male children. I am not an addict or out of jail or recently beaten so I do not fit criteria of those shelters. There is a shelter that takes pets, has a pet storage area..... I will never give a single penny to a shelter again. THAT I am certain of. Food banks ans hands on are only way I will be charitable as long s zi continue breathing. Feed a human starve an admin >:c

At least I was able to GFM my moms cremation and use that to get funds from an aunt and uncle. Tho mom is still in my Suburban in my daa's yard (the trailer broke under its weight during move and I couldnt waste the 1200 for the truck I just loaded so left it. I go on 25th to retrieve it, then at least we have a locked place to sleep and the dogs. My son has been freaking at thought of separating from , last time we had his real service dogs babysitte, they were poisoned by an angry neighbor of teh sitter.
I'm lucky that I have aged slow asn am relatively heatlhy (been asthmatic since childhood , migraines, allergies) so with teh vehicle keeping us safe ans taking me to work, to showers,.. we can recover slowly. But here I am... a veteran, with a special needs child, who pays back support but recieves zero from special needs child father who is a police officer. And I am not even eligible for shelter?! In America? Sorry if from this time forward I am unfriendly to thought of aide to this that, Phillipines, Syria, Ecudor, etc. I will never give to another false charity again. Food Banks and direct hand outs is my MO for life. So I will be scarce a while. I won't mind a prayer my way


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Found refuge to wait the return east for truck. Not with family. :c

This has really soured me on a lot of things to be certain. Th good were very good but majority are crummy.

I probably will live in AZ anyway because familiarity ans heat, but I will be making NEW friends and disowning family


Pickles, I'm so sorry for not responding sooner. I have been sick with my gallbladder and had it removed yesterday. I have to confess, I am not completely clear on your situation, but I am gathering that you lost your mother and you are temporarily homeless? I am so sorry to hear you are going through all of this. I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please do keep us updated when you are able.


Oh my god. I am so sorry that you are going through such a tough time! What about your son's dad? Can he at least host your son for a bit?


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Just wanted to say I'm praying for you Pickles, and I hope you and your son are doing better since your last post.

*Hugs* Hang in there.


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Safe refuge in a town of 2000. Renting a room from my sometimes boss.
I was doing contractor day labor and living in the truck.

Ha! my sons dad would like nothing better than to change the jurisdiction of our case by having him live in the same state that said "hes paid enough" and refuses to recognize child support enforcement of the last two "sister" states I was living. He said in front of witnesses that "it wasnt worth it" to bother to visit weekends while earning visitation rights (currently supervised because two occasions of kidnapping, some court gaff of the bad kind and for improper treatment of the autism . aka quote: "just coddled, a firmer hand will put him in line" and was said on video ).

As it is he has paid 2 years support, modified down in spite of his employment as P.O. and one tax return out of 11 years. He didnt answer my request for call anyway .

Once again starting at ground zero scorched earth. It get really old fast. Hunny was sending 300/mo to float us at least. Which with the exchange of currency is equiv to 900/mo. 2/3 his pay!
Finally I can put it back to our house fund.

Still have some loose ends. It was so sudden and economically catastrophic as well as stressful emotionally. Moms service dog who also is close with Boo, became an important player. She is our perma doggie for life!
Thank you all for the prayers. My boss said God urged him to pay forward some boons he had a few years ago. I came here despite learning that it was farther from city than I advertised when I was going to rent small 1 br here. It had rented out while I was traveling , the owner was on 4 day vacation so had not told me not to come view after all. I had to wait til after 1st to get direct deposits for gas money. I did day labor for a couple weeks and came in connection with a church group whose members are active in this little dried up ex-mining town.

Boo is thriving here, has friends for first tin in his life, NO breed restrictions in any rental in town, 2 Sheriff live here. It is shabby but quiet and safe. I just wish groceries were not 30 miles away.


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off season so I need new employment to keep moving forward, have my own place, need to get my junk here to sort again thru, import my proxy manwife (a mutual close freind of me &Hunny) so I can work like a dog to save up for my dreams coming true.
My Shepherd died, she had unrecoverable kidney damage ans liver malfunction. She has the Flu ans gave it o rest of dogs within a week, . She wasted until I put her to sleep kindly. Sickest puppy and her took my saving during this windfall... 897 bucks (cri!)