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I cant get enough of him!


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My birthday wasnt too long ago. I didnt expect anything, from anyone because of it.

Normally I get out of work at 3:30, but got out an hour later the day of my birthday. My OM sent me a text asking me to meet him at one of our special places. He sent it at 3:30...so I texted back I couldnt, I get out a hour later.
I got out of work and gave him a call just to see if he was still around, not really expecting him to be. But he was, so I met up with him.

As I approached his car, he started blaring our song out of the car speakers. Handed me a Miller (the beer I drink, him not so much...and no, we were not driving anytime soon) Then handed me a dozen apple cider donuts (one of my favorites) Then he handed me a piece of fudge...which he apologized for the bite taken out of it...he couldnt resist. haha
Then he handed me a card. Now he HATES, DESPISES cards with a passion. Thinks they are such a waste of time. This is when my jaw dropped. I read it, almost cried. He told me it took him so long and so many stores to find the perfect card. For him to take so much time and effort to find the card meant so much to me.

So I give him a hug and kiss and im thanking him a ton. Then he handed me a box. He got me such a pretty opal and diamond bracelet. Said he had been looking for the perfect thing for me for a while. and finally found it that day. (which I do believe, because there were a few days we didnt hang out and he beat around the bush to what he was doing, which is very unusual) Said he went to a ton of stores, over and over again. Looked at stuff, then put it down, then looked at it again.

I know its all silly and nothing amazing compared to some, but it meant the world to me. For him to remember little details, like stupid donuts. and him to wait around for an hour for me to get out of work.

Then we took a nice day trip down to my parents and did a few fun things.
He keeps me smiling so so much.

Oh, and we hit out 3 year mark together shortly before my birthday too.


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That is a really wonderful act on his part. I'm glad you had such a special birthday. Knowing that your OM went out of his way to make it so, makes it even more special!

Happy belated birthday,



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DATS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this guy a lot!!

I don't read or hear too many men doing stuff like this for their women. I am Spanish, and I am as emotional as they come of course. Shivery will get your girlfriend melting for you every single day!!

I am so happy for you, where ever, whoever you are!! This guy really cares perhaps loves you so much!!

One thing though...at the end of your post you said you said:"....went to his parents....then did a few "fun things"...." :D :D :D hehehheheh I wonder what those things were :eek:


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Very lucky of you

You seem happy and thats great. So awesome when someone actually finds a rare great person :) Hold on to him


I still play with trains
It sounds like you have found the needle in the hat stake.
We guys have a hard time remembering what we did with the car keys.
So to remember your birthday and all the little details like the Apple Cider Doughnuts.
You know I have not had one of then in years. I wonder if the farm stand is still open at this time of year.
I would say you have a keeper in him. Oh Yes Happy Birthday. My birthday is the end of November and I am trying to forget it.


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Theres a very known, historical, motorcycle event this week up in our area that my OM and I go to regularly, but this time was more interesting than before.

We were at a vendors tent, looking at stuff, one of the sales ladies came up to us and we all started to chat. After a couple of minutes of talking, the lady went "OH! Are you two love birds?!" So we said yes, she started to ask about us, how long we have been together etc. When we said 4 years, she got wide eyed, and said "Wow! This is love, not a fling!" She then went on to say how she admired our strength despite the reactions we must get from closed minded people, and she will pray for our strength to continue to be strong.

Then she went on to say how she loves my OM style and he looks very attractive, as I just smiled and agreed! :yes:

I just thought her reaction was wicked awesome, she was shocked at first, but not in a negative way. She thought it was so awesome we found love in each other, and how she feels age and time are so insignificant compared to "true soul love", and more people should see others for who they are, not for there age.

Just a very cool reaction I thought I would share.