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I do not know if I can be called a new member, or an old member returning?


I still play with trains
Hi all
It has been a long while since I checked in. things went south with Debby and I. She finely did not to want to move the states. On my last trip to the UK we had a long talk and she said that she love me but does not want to move to the states. She wanted me to move to the UK with her. I had told her in the very beginning of our relationship I was no going to move to England. So we parted company as friends. She is staying in the UK She had opened a produce store and I am staying in the United Stated. And I have my four businesses to deal with.
But on the bright side I have met a gal that is older then Debby . She fifty And she is not worried about the age gap. I still have to cross a body of water to see her but not as long a journey Just a one hour sail on Long Island Sound. and a three hour drive to New London CT . And the sea voyage . And there is no passport needed ether. And best of all she speaks American. and not British . and I can drive of the correct side of the road.
One thing I do not understand I am a guy that has been attacked to Red heads. but both women I have fallen for are blondes. Now I am not complaining I just think it is odd? It is nice to be back.


Welcome back! You are an OLD member. :D
New relationship though, and much more convenient.
As a person that is not willing to move to another country I can fully understand the issue. It can be a deal breaker, and a forever LDR is just not satisfactory.

I am glad that you are happy with your new relationship, and there is always hair coloring, red, pink, green! Just kidding.
Nice to see you around.


New member
Welcome back! I'm glad you were able to part on amicable terms and that you're happy in a new relationship. Keep us posted :yes: