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i dont know what to think, seriously...


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hello people! :D i'm new here and i have this little big problem ahah, i'll try to make it short...

i work at my university in web development and i study videogames (programming and stuff). but when i go to work (when there are no classes in my schedule), there's a man whom i feel attracted...
I'm 26 years old and he is 43, 17 gap...

i'm working there since my 2nd week of my first year in college, and since then, he gave me videogame (rare colector edition), e was always the only one who greet me (my other colleagues not always greet me, it's realy rare), and he always smiled at me, he always looked me in the eyes, smiled and so on...

this summer i missed him and i asked myself why, so when i returned to work in september i realized i like him very much.
about maybe 4 weeks ago, i was looking him in his eyes and smiled, and he was returning the visual contact and the smile, even when he was just passing by my desk.
in about 3 years of college, my work colleagues never invited me to luch with them, but 2 weeks ago, this guy invited me twice (he didnt invited me more because he is one of the programming area big bosses (i'm not in that area, i'm in marketing)).

his name is micke.

well, the first time micke asked me, we went to a restaurant with 3 other colleagues, and both of us were talking about videogames (we both love it) and he said he was working on one: he was looking for someone for design and to helping him out on programming. i offered my help, and he seemed happy.

a day after, it was cold as hell and he gave me is tea to my hands so i could warm they...

a day or two after, a younger colleague asked me to go for a break, i accepted it we went out side, micke appeared and we invited and we asked "isnt there any problem?". of course, the day after i asked him why would there be a problem... that was an awkward moment, he gazed into my eyes and i into their, for about 10sec without saying a single word... and then i turned my right side and smiled while i said sorry... i just said i couldnt remmember the momment that that happens, and then he said he could be joking that momment. but he wasnt....

days after, a younger colleague tried to approach me and he looked like "what the hell is going on here?!", so when i invited him to do a break, i sayd i'm not interessted in him, and later my crush said to that guy "you are such a borring guy, stop call people on facebook and email", he never talked to me ever again (that one whom i'm not interessted).

since i'm on a diet, and he invited me the second time, he asked me when would i finish it, (its about 5 more weeks (i'm only allowed to drink shakes and nothing else)).
that day we talked about book and stuff, and he asked me if i wanted him to borrow me his kindle. i said i prefer the book format. so the next day he brought 3 books for me to read them... next day i bring one for him as well... (here's the part that when i'm going to return them, i'll give him a small chocolate box as thank(merci chocolates ahah)).
then again, for a whole week (except for friday) he spent the whole breaks with me, only speaking with me. and the second day he invited me we were late to work because we were in the conversation (he had his phone so he could see what time it was, i did forget mine in my desk).

and for finish, last thursday i said he was kind sad because he has nothing to play with, i arrived home and i emailed him asking if he wanted me to borrow me wiiu, so he could play during the weekend. he refused because he already had plans.
he never replies to my emails, only this one. he just talk to me about the emails i send him the next day we meet at work. he talks a little about his life, that he has 3 cats and he says he has no money, that he is thinking in buy a new coach and so on...

could he like me or is he playing me? i'm feeling in love, but i dont want to be played or something...


It seems that he likes you, but you have to find out if he has a wife, or girlfriend, in which case I would advise you to forget him.


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Well Be Open!

Why not just him if is interested in going out for lunch. I would be flattered. Maybe he is very shy. Does not think you are available



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He has no one at all ahah, i just asked yesterday. Then again, he brought me home yesterday as well xD