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Introduction, and dating a woman who is older


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An introduction about me I am a 27 year old man who is single and didn't meet any women at all during the last 4 years when I dated someone who happens to have been my only GF so far. I recently got out of school and hope I find a job soon so I can get started with being less dependent on parents house and get my own place somewhere (yes, I assume that is probably obligatory first). I am open to dating women who are older than me and also not really strict about the gap range. Part of me is old-soul, in values or things like entertainment and pop culture from back in the day. I myself sometimes wish I grew up in a past decade.

I mentioned this in another post to and I don't know if this is me but I see women in the older age groups tend to be more blonde than my age. I'm not sure if this is only my perception but I do have a preference for blondes the most. And the more realistic-looking blonde rather than the dyed look or dark mousey type color.