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Is it different if you're a parent/child?


This is just something I have wondered about and not intended as judgement. I have noticed with some of the people I know and have worked with that if they are parents or have older parents, they tend to be more judgmental about age gap relationships. Maybe they take on a protective role and see the younger person being manipulated by the older or if the older person is much older than perhaps they also see the older person as being manipulated?

Or maybe some people are just narrow minded?

Thoughts, experiences?


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I’ve found when a woman has a child my age, particularly a son, it’s a difficult barrier.

On society as a whole. It’s interesting when these teacher/student cases arise. Notice the reaction. Women are like an angry mama bear defending her cub when a “lady” molests her son. Men, well we know the reaction if the kids over, say, 16.

Young girls. We guys are ready to form a posse and have a drumhead trial. The women in the comments of the news article...”she probably seduced him.”

I’ve always found that dynamic interesting.

Now. Why these darn teachers just don’t take a night class or tutor at the local college...oh, yeah. They’re predators.