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Living With Fran



I didn't see a thread about this new show. Did anyone see it last Friday? I thought it was very cool. I wonder how it ever got on tv. It must have snuck past Dr. Phil. Even though there have been some negative reviews about it being too focused on the age gap, it is still a groundbreaker. Fran's character not only acts and dresses unsuitably for her age's social standards (but suitably for her self-expression), but she lives with a younger man, so she is in double trouble with hypocritical convention like so many of us in age gap relationships .

We need to support this show! Hurray for Fran Drescher!

Desert Spring

New member
Fran Drescher was partnered and married for many years to a man 10 years her junior. I know they seperated a while back and I'm not sure if they ever reconciled or not, but I suspect she knows whereof she speaks :>

She did it way before it was so fashionable :>