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Lost Without Her


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**I'm a fairly complex minded person. I never really clicked well with my own age group. Normal for me is around 10 yrs younger. I spent some years with a girl 12 years younger. This one...14 years younger (shes 32) I met on the 27th day of September, 2017....& well.....

This writing actually serves as a sequel to the "Beholder of the Eyes"* as nearly 3 weeks later I met who I was pretty sure was who the dream had revealed to me. Positive & very much convinced I had just met my soulmate, that notion was greatly fortified by the fact that it was a mutual attraction, her name was Michelle. ..
* At any rate, I wrote this to her on just the second day of our aquaintance..

**** 6-10%* operating capacity is all*** we****** presently** use of our** brain,*** which*** is one* of the* most powerful things in our known existence. Most rely on their headlights(the eyes) to guide them forward. The eyes only illuminate the face value of all things before us which is why like livestock, the common path people follow is the one of vain and false goals that the carrot dangled in front of them leads them to pursue , not realizing the carrot will forever remain just beyond reach. Just the same, all have a natural tug that says to change course that most ignore for want of the carrot that they follow unquestioned in staying with the herd.
* It's simple fact that natural is best over manufactured. Only will true accomplishment be achieved is when one pulls over, stops, turns off the headlights and lets the natural gps recalculate and navigate their course.* Just as with a man made gps, one really is not sure where theyre going, but rely on the navigation system to get them there in FAITH that it will

**Two obviously different paths, all things to be absorbed and realized along the way also differ. The closer each checkpoint becomes in approach , the more you anticipate and know it is close.

* Long story short baby , I needed not question or wonder or have anyone assure me. Not even a full second elapsed from me seeing you and already knowing you were my present destinational checkpoint.
Now it is our own faith that will decide how far we travel together.
* Forget the rest of the herd, **** them. Together as one we become stronger. In essentially being creation itself, all existence and creation is a result of a mathematic equation. In the absolute never ending infinity of numbers and mathematics, there is absolutely no end to possibility and absolutely nothing that is not real. Anything baby, in your wildest dreams is indeed achievable.
* Take my hand darling, lets go move mountains, split the sky,& part the sea......*

** ......alas, upon taking my hand, we did most assuredly went on to smash the act of moving mountains, splitting skies , & parting the seas. As a natural storm so powerful as to do so.
All in the natural attraction of the spirit & the lifes instinctive destiny as counterparts to flourish in coming together as one for the life, the life force. The natural reactive explosion and birth of life , energy,* & the power only possible upon the +* &* -* coming into contact with one & other ,to destroy a planet that was my world in an apocolyptic event to leave my world lessened of half the life once there. Two seemingly short yet long* months later , the storm fizzled* faded , & drifted away leaving me still assessing damage & finding scattered fragments of debris. Tragically the hurricane that had no name raged on to last until 4 days after our engagement to finally lose it's power.[emoji302][emoji302][emoji302]
*** Once and again I look to the Western skies , her return likely too late to anticipate.

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