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Me! his mother!


OWYM AG 29 yrs
A year ago we (ow&ym) both sat at an table of an fortune teller.
Kevindh had been searching for an room of his own to rent. ( A payable room is very difficult to find easy, owners ask alot of money for one simple room, most are very expensive in Holland)). So his question was if 'the man' saw something coming his way..soon!
Well, he said; "..Yes! I can tell you and your mother that in a few months there is that place for you"! :):):).

and to give him some credit.. my ym has found his room!
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*Pfft* Not much of a fortune teller if he couldn't even tell who YOU are! :rolleyes:

Reminds me of that old joke... Doorbell rings at the fortune teller's shop and he calls out: "Who is it?"



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I get "you and your father" or with my kids, it's "grandpa." My daughter had to correct her classmates. OM picks the kids up after school and her classmates usually call out "Sally, your grandpa's here!" Poor little girl got so fed up "He's not my grandpa, he's my STEPDAD!"

I was pleasantly surprised the other day while shopping w/ my OM. He was with me as we checked out, and he started helping me load my bags into my cart. I thanked him, and the cashier piped up "That's what husbands are for!" I know we aren't married yet, but that's not the usual assumption when we are out in public together.


OWYM AG 29 yrs
Better late than never! Yes! that small incident made us laugh! For me he hits two flies with one smack! Because I have never been a mother! :)..or seen in that way! :bgrin2: well..maybe seen?!?, behind my back!, but never called out loud!

Punkunicorn! Is there a marriage in the air? Happy tidings!
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Yeah, Mebel. He gave me a ring for Christmas!

I wanna run off to Vegas and get married. Or maybe do it at Sturgis! :) He likes both of those ideas.


I still play with trains
Hi pinkunicorn
I am happy for you two.
If you want my two cents I go for Sturgis that sounds really cool ! As you are into motor cycles what better way to tie the nut.
I am waiting for my lady to arrive from the UK. and I am trying to talk her into
getting married at ether the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh this year. Small interment little
Wedding among 70,000 of my closest firearms loving Friends. Or in June have the wedding in Oshkosh, WI at the EAA Air-venture 2011 meeting/ Flying in.. just think of spending ten days over dousing on Aircraft. And that to would be a Small interment little wedding among 500,000 folks how love flying.
I know what I will get my lady as a wedding present if we get married at the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting a commemorative 100 anniversary Colt M-1911. Now as far as a Wedding Present if we get married at EAA Air-venture 2011 I was thinking of maybe a Boeing Business Jet. I wonder just how $.05 deposit soda and beer Bottles I would would have collect? :bgrin2: Good luck and have a happy life!:bgrin2:


OWYM AG 29 yrs
Yeah, Mebel. He gave me a ring for Christmas!

I wanna run off to Vegas and get married. Or maybe do it at Sturgis! :) He likes both of those ideas.

:) I googled 'Sturgis' ..Yes a big motor event! That suits you two! But can they stay quiet, when you both give your promise-word? I am happy for you!

And ofcourse for you Trolleycar...Huge plans!! An very funny too the way you talk here about this!
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OWYM AG 29 yrs
An old thread of mine, but I had to share this little incident!

Yesterday I was with Kevin in a shop, we were the only persons there, he trying some new clothes.
We had been talking about what fits best, what not, and about some prices. This assistent ( guy,around 30 yrs) was helping him/us.
It took us some time, or I think Kevin, to come to a decision to buy or to leave.
Kevin was still in the dressroom, and i waiting at the desk with this man.
While waiting, the assistent said to me ,in my dutch language;" Jij bent een strenge moeder!" You are a "stringent" mother!
--------( don't know the best english translation voor "streng" :) it can be: stringent, precise, stern, strickt, punctual, compelling, binding, inflexible, imperative, or what ever!------------------------------------It was just me laughing immediately and telling him that ym is not my son but my lover, my partner ...and for more than 4yrs we are in relationship.
The next thing this man do was almost.. falling or bowing behind/under his desk as in a shy response,, and started laughing loud!
We both laughed, and then i said"; Hope you are not laughing at us, or ironize us now"!

The first thing he said was;" So he falls for ow! Hahahahaha"!
He kept on laughing and then answered ;Oh"No, not at all"!
The next thing he did was telling me that he himself had this 'relationship' with a 35 yrs woman when he was..age ( I did not asked him more about it, the age he mentioned is illegal,and I suppose also in the country he originaly comes from.
About our situation our conversation stayed sweet and small, and he said it must be about real love and that is, for him all that counts in life!

And he repeated his excuse for suggesting me.. being his mother!

Why do I mention this, because it was so funny, this man's reaction and also because it is rare that people make verbaly comments to us, about what they think.

When Kevin came out of the dressroom, he had not heard us laugh, I told him outside what happened. The only thing that surprised us was that this man kept on 'vousvoyeren' me and 'tutoyeren' -as being on first-name basis with Kev.
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Nice story :) I think AGRs are more common than people think. When I tell people about my OM, they can usually think of at least one other couple they know who has an AGR. But if they don't, they know one now! :D


I still play with trains
Last Sunday at the end of the church Service two of the women came over to me and ask me when was my wife and daughter coming to the states?
And that took me by surprise. By I have never told any one that we were married which we are not yet.
The two woman looked surprised as well. And they said the was I talk about Debby and Angella That we are not married.
What really struck me funny in the one woman said quite loudly the I was not married yet . So it looks that we will not have to plan a reception when we do get married the members of the church want to take care of that. I was asked how soon they would be here and I said very possible be the the end of April
I hope. I Am getting tired dealing with the five hour time deference . We talk three times a day first when when Deb gets in the morning at 7:00a. UTC/2:00am EDT then again at 5:00pm/Noon and last time just before Debby goes to bed at 10:00pm/5:00pm EDT. The time I enjoy the most is the noon my time then I can talk the Angella and answer her questions amount the States and us Yanks. If any one had told me three years ago that I would like the idea of being a father figure I would have said who dropped you on your head. But it is true I am looking forward to the whole husband and father thing.
When I told Debby what the church wanted to do, She was very surprised.
Now all we have to do is get Debby mom her US Visa. In other words cross all the T's and dot all the I's
One of the funny things I am thinking what I way and do when we first meet on at JFK of there arrival in the US.


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Reading these stories makes me smile, because Joe & I have talked about how we feel about people staring or making thoughtless and presumptuous comments in regards to our age difference. He's like me....we can hardly wait! We will be laughing and they are the ones who'll be embarrassed. :tongue2:

There will always be people who put their foot in it, and it's not just about age gap. Many years ago, a husband and I were shopping for a Christmas tree. I had gained a lot of weight with my third child, and even after 5 months, I was still holding onto that stubborn baby tummy. I was so self-conscious of it that I would sometimes still wear some of my early maternity clothes as a camouflage. Well, apparently all that did was to make me look like I was still pregnant! A young girl lot attendant came running over, smiling and gushing...."Merry Christmas! When are you due?" :Thud: I think it was just after then that we bought some gym equipment and I joined Nutrisystem. LOL

In public places, I tend to diffuse any curiosity by reaching over and giving his butt a firm squeeze....hardly a motherly gesture. :giggle:
And if there are any "mom" references, that is my cue to address him as "Baby" or "sexy man". ;) Might as well have fun with it!


Nick and I take turns when walking Roxy. Sometimes when it's my turn someone will ask me who is the young American who walks my dog, I tell them it's my husband. I can see how they try to hide their surprise. I do not know why they are surprised, any other alternative would be as odd.
1. Handsome, imported dog-walker from the US
2. Adopted 33 yr old son
3. Nice neighboor who enjoys walking someone else's dog day, night, under the sun and under the rain.
4. Dog shared by two apartments (good idea to cut down on vet and dog food expenses)
5. Since both Nick and I have on occassion walked my mom's dog, they probably figure we got some sort of dog exchange program going on.