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Mental Health Chat


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Several of us have mentioned in the Adult ADD thread on the "Health Chat" board that we'd like a board specific to mental health issues, and we would like it to be private (accessible only to registered members).

Is it possible to set up a private "Mental Health" board in the "Home, Health and Family" forum that only registered users who are logged in can see, as with the "Sexually Speaking" boards in the OW/YM and YW/OM forums?

Many members of the forum deal with mental health issues in their relationships, either with their partners or their own illness. Other boards, such as those for ADHD, that I've visited typically don't address these concerns within the contexts of intimate relationships. I also feel that privacy and anonymity are important, due to the fact that these issues may be considered a disability and some people have made the considered decision to not discuss these concerns with their employers or extended family members.

Thank you for your consideration,

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I have added the new Mental Health section and set the settings to match the way we have them for the Sexually Speaking area. Non-registered members cannot view that section. Please feel free to begin posting and if you see any issues, let me know.