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Moderation Updates

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Since some have a perception that the site is slow due to "over-moderation" I wanted to provide the community with some statistics. I don't want new members to read comments like that and get the wrong impression that this site is over-moderated. It is far from it. I won't ever divulge confidential moderation information as that is private between the members, the mods and myself. But, this information will show you the total instances in which we had to moderate members for rules violations, other than for spamming and trolling.

Number of instances requiring moderation (for reasons other than spamming and trolling) in:

2016 to date:



Number of days since last moderation (for reasons other than spamming and trolling):
155 days (as of 5/1/16)

These moderation instances account for less than half of 1% of all the total posts.

I think you get the idea...

It is easy to form an assumption but be careful that your own assumptions do not spread disingenuous information to our new members. We all care about this site and wish it would grow like it used to. We can help that by not spreading false accusations.

Most of the moderation we have done in those 10 instances the past 3 years have been having to intervene in public disagreements between members... people who are rude to each other. It's pretty simple. Be nice. Let's all set the example for our new members so that we can make this site as welcoming as possible.

The rules are posted at the top of the page, but in case you have trouble finding them, here's a link to them:Ageless Love - Your community for age gap relationship support! - My Page Title

Drawing your attention to rule 7, if you do have concerns about moderation, contact me privately. Public criticism of our moderation is against the rules.

Updated 5/1/16: Removed the original poster's name who publicly criticized moderation. Would also like to add that we track instances in which members required enough moderation that they warranted receiving a warning. In the past 7 years, only five members required moderation to an extent that they resulted in receiving any warnings. Of those, only one advanced to a final (3rd) warning. Only one in 7 years time.
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