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New Dog?


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It's been four days now since my beloved dog has been gone. The pain is not as sever and I have to admit that I am more at peace with my choice than I was on Monday night.

A lot of my family and friends have been so loving and supportive and the amounts of messages and understand I have gotten is unreal at times.

Now, several people have asked me WHEN I am getting a new dog, or if it's a chance. My boyfriend is all for it. He has always been a dog lover and he thinks that it will help us heal being our house feels extra empty and he thinks it will help me have some closure.

I am okay with the idea at times but at other times I can't bring myself to have to find a new dog, go through the puppy stage, fall in love for years and years and be faced with this horrible feeling all over again.

I think my heart is still mending but knowing me how I am, I know once I look at a dog, I am going to fall so in love with it that right on the spot it'll be in the house.

The puppy stage is a nightmare in all honestly. My thoughts are waiting until the summer when I am off and can give a new dog the attention and guidance it is going to require instead of only having nights and weekends which isn't fair.

Any thoughts or comments?

How long have some of you waited before getting a new pet.

Several family members and friends have waited several weeks to a few months before bringing home a new family member.


get a 2 or 3 year old dog from a shelter? i understand NOT wanting companion animals. lots of responsibility. you don't have to rush into any decision.


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For me, I just lost my 12 year-old cat on Valentine's day, I'd had him since he was born practically, as his mama was my cat as well. I realize a cat is not the same as a dog, but to me, I won't be getting another one. I'm tempted, I love cats (and dogs, of course) but I don't want another one. Maybe a long time from now in the future I will, but not anytime soon.


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I fully agree with all of the above. A friend of mine's sister works at a shelter and get dogs in every week. I like the idea of getting an older already trained dog but to me there is something about a puppy and having them from such a young age that is special. You get to see and experience all the changes and moments they go through, plus come another month I will be off from work and have the time to train and take care plus sleep won't be so needed like it is now, by the time I go back to work the dog will be older and already trained.

My head and heart and leaning towards getting another one soon. I feel more complete and at peace having a four legged friend around. I also miss the walks (it was great for me to exercise and clear my head with a great early morning and night time walk).

I guess we will do our research, start to look and then we will see what is out there and the best fit for us.


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please...do adopt. my heart is won by an older dog...they are so grateful. also please do not discount a black dog... they, most of the time, get overlooked.


When I lost my "heart dog" about 10 years ago I waited a year before I felt ready. I don't think I would have been as good an owner until my heart was really in it. I did buy a pocket pet though right away and that gave me something to care for but in a much less intensive manner.

During that year I started researching breeds, lines, etc. And even made lists of possible names.

Honestly, it was my very special dog, Delta, that made it so hard to be able to accept another. I adore my two dogs now, but I don't think there will be another heart dog like Delta and I don't see that it will be as hard when I lose these girls so expect I'll probably get a new one soon after losing them. So, you should really go with your instincts but don't be in a rush. :)

Harp girl

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Everyone is different.

I do better to have another dog sooner. My life is empty without a canine companion.

After my Dane passed on my partner didn't want another dog. After a year and I half I said I had to have a dog. I volunteered at shelters for 6 months and found that I didn't connect with any dog there. Finally I researched and got a puppy from a very good breeder.

Jamie is the most amazing black Lab in the world. We are perfect together. He's my fourth dog. After mourning three dogs, I know that I have to enjoy each day with him because one day he won't be there to cold nose me in the morning. It may sound strange but I am very at peace with this, it helps me enjoy life in general and live more in the moment.

When you are ready, start to look and the right dog will find you. Don't let others push you into something you're not ready for.

Good luck.


Mark's girl
I would give yourself some time to heal before getting another dog. I am a dog lover and animal lover in general (I have three dogs). When we lost our two-year-old German Shepherd, Olga, because of a brain bleed it hurt so bad. We were still living in NM and had Mija and Misty. We moved to TX and it hurt for a long time. We got London two years ago but I still miss Olga sometimes, especially when I see a German Shepherd. I would recommend rescuing and adult dog or senior (I love senior dogs!). I work full time and even though my hubby stays at home we both do not have the energy for a puppy! I recommend adult dogs in general because so many dogs in shelters and rescues need good homes and they are not as full energy as puppies! Mija and Misty did need to be potty trained but it took only a month or so before they got it and London at nine was already potty trained. I tell people if you do not have the time to have a baby (which a puppy is like a newborn baby) then do not get a puppy. I am horrified to hear people give up puppies once the "cute" wears off (you do not get a pet for cuteness, although pets are adorable). I waited a long time to get Mija, my Chihuahua, because my Mom and I lived in rentals that didn't allow dogs (I have a weak spot for Chihuahuas). I can't imagine my life without a pet. I always had cats before I had Mija. Do give yourself some time to heal and I know it's hard not to want to rescue all the babies at shelters but be objective. You are picking a family member.:yes:


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Any specifications you have in mind? Size? Type of breed? Mutt?

I do not have a specific type. In my life I have owned a german shepard, akita, doberman, pitbull.

All of the dogs have been big in size and I loved each and everyone.

Right now in my life I would not mind a medium size dog. I LOVE labs, my best friends sister had a chocolate lab and a black lab and they were the best dogs. Right now she has a mutt and she loves him too.

I am leaning more towards the smaller breed because my last dog was a doberman and she was big but OMG so amazing and lovable, she would crave cuddles but let's be real, she was bigger than the kind size bed and there were 3 of us in it LOL

My heart is with a lab but they do grow big too. My cousin has a blue nose pit who I adore (it's how you raise them, not the dog) and he is a big mush of love.

I started looking at French Bulldogs the teacup size, they are adorable and stay very small.

Mutt tend to last longer and have so many less health problems.

I would love to go to a shelter and adopt or buy a dog from there but not many of the dogs they have are quite what I am looking for and the new ones get taken right away every week.

Searching online I found a breeder for a teacup frenchie in Florida and my boyfriend said next month we can fly down and look at him. He's a boy and my Doberman was female so that will be a change. I have been doing much research on the frenchies and as far as size and requirements he seems to be a fit for what I want right now. Once I get him all handled I might get a lab but right now I just want a friend to love and cuddle and play with, go on walks and have that face waiting for me when I get home.

I'm going to continue on doing all my research. I am such an animal lover and dogs of all kinds have my heart. If it were up to me, I'd build a mansion just to have 10 dogs run around in a huge yard and play.

I'm so exhausted right now not sure if any of that made sense. We started looking and doing research. This time next month I have a strong feeling they'll be a new puppy in the house.


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I love labs! I had one growing up too who was a great dog, and he was the reason why I've got one of my own. He's a black lab, about 100 lbs or so and stands about 24-26 inches tall at the shoulder (he's not one of those stocky style labs).He's awesome. We've had him since he was 10 weeks old, now he'll be 7 in June. Such a good, sweet dog, though he can have dopey moments sometimes :D


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We've decided to start looking next month and see what we decide.

I know myself and LOOKING means seeing a puppy and falling head over heels in love and BUYING.

I think that's a big reason why I keep myself from doing anything after work or on my free time because I know I'll come home with the entire pet store.


Check the shelter first just in case you see something (someone) you like. Sometimes they have puppies too! My mom's dog was just a tiny puppy when she got her at the shelter.


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We have a great shelter right in town. Millions of dogs come from there and they are notorious one of the best. My best friends sister volunteers there too so we are going to check their first of course