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New Rules For Personal Ads

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Hey everyone....

We are going to kind of swap around the way we do things in this area of the forum.

1. When you submit a personal ad, it will be held until it is approved by a member of the moderation team. Then the ad will be posted as usual. Your personal ad will usually be posted within several hours of the time you submit it.

2. As this is a relationship forum, we would like to limit these ads to people looking for a relationship, friendship, romantic connection, etc.... In accordance with the theme of the site, we will not allow personal ads that are purely of a sexual nature or in search of a sexual encounter (i.e. one-night stand, etc). If this type of ad is submitted, it will not be posted by the moderation staff.

3. All ads posted will be a closed thread. This means if you wish to respond to an ad, you will need to do so privately by PM. We feel that this policy will eliminate undesirable comments to the ads in this forum, and also allow members a more private and personal way to respond to an ad.

In conclusion, Remember please that Agelesslove is a relationship support site; ads posted purely in search of sexual activity will not be allowed.

This policy will take affect immediately. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to PM me or any member of the moderation staff.
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