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Hello Everyone! :)

I'm 24 and my OM will be turning 55 next weekend. We met through work (my fulltime job and his civilian job) a few years ago and have been engaged for almost 1 year now. We are living seperately right now due to work and difficulty finding a rental property that would allow all 5 of our dogs. In the meantime, we both work...a lot.... and we're saving up money to buy some land and build our home. At present, we only see each other once (occasionally twice) a week. I wish we could just win the lottery so we could jump past this stage. Talk about wishful thinking :p

I'm a very mature 24. I've never been a party girl. I've always been more the knitting-in-a-rocking-chair, write-a-novel, domestic goddess type. My mom has always said I was born in the wrong decade. Guess that explains why I've always liked older men. She never expected this relationship though. Mom and the rest of my family is gradually accepting it, despite initial concern. For some reason she always thought I'd bring home some big, muscle man with lots of tattoos and piercings. Man was she off :D

I'm so glad I found a site where there are others who understand the May - December relationship.


Hey Lovinglady24!!!! Glad you joined. :)

It's always nice to hear from others with happy relationships. Hope to see you more around the forum!


Hi there!

Hi! Cute story! Nice to meet you. I am a 22 year old with a 42 year old man. Its hard being mature for your age isn't it? Although in my case I went through the party phase in lightning speed and am ready to party in a more mature way (my bf is still way fun, and actually listens to much more current music than me! go figure...) Good luck to you! Sounds like things are great! :)