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Nigerian scams


I have been watching YouTube videos about Nigenian Scams. Most of the victims are older women who fall in love with very handsome (fake) younger men. They send money, and gifts and at the end it is hearbreak. Some have even lost their homes. Is anyone watching this trend?


Is anyone watching this trend?

Is it a trend to specifically target older women? Is there a documentary about this? I haven't heard about scams to target women specifically although I'm not surprised to learn that they've broadened their scope.

Personally, I know several men here in Canada who've been taken in by the Nigerian scammers. One was my friend's brother. He made decent money and he started conversing with a very beautiful young woman (fake) on a dating site who said she lived in Africa. Before you know it, he was sending her flowers, a new cellphone and other gifts. I said to my friend, "Mark my words. In a few weeks she will have a medical emergency of some sort and need a lot of money." It didn't even take that long. Within a week, she supposedly ended up in the hospital and was sending him desperate messages saying that she needed thousands of dollars right away to pay for her medical care. I found it hard to believe that an educated, intelligent person could fall for something like that. Maybe it's just that the desire to believe that someone so gorgeous and lovely wants to be with you, that it overcomes your normal clear thinking. Or maybe he was delusional lol. I don't know.

I also have a friend whose widowed father ended up talking with many women online. He started sending them money and eventually he lost over $45,000 plus his house which was worth over than a million. All this happened so fast, before his children knew what was going on. :eek:


I get friend requests on FB all the time from scammers. They are all doctors or they work in oil rigs.
This is a text sent to me by a friend from FB about her experience:

"Mark Thomas claims to be a Louisiana heart doctor, who fell in love with me after less than a month of chatting online. He says he wants to marry me, despite him being 30 years younger than me. He also told me that he sent me a package with my engagement ring, jewelry, shoes (he never asked me for my shoe size), and FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash.

I told him that this would raise money laundering issues, but he "sent" it anyways. Then the courier who he sent it through wanted me to transfer $1000 in cash to pay for customs and delivery. The courier's whatsapp number is +234 706 542 7769. I told the courier NO and reported to the real courier company (name withheld). Now my boyfriend Dr. Mark Thomas with whatsapp number +234 816 352 5532 wants me to send him $2000 to recover the package with my engagement ring. The money was supposed to be sent to a woman Debora Sickler, the wife of his boss, from Illinois.

Now friends, tell me, should I send the money or not?"

Of course I told her not to send money.


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I had one over text this week. "She" pretended she had texted me by accident but I sounded really cool and interesting. I could tell though her answers were a little...off. They didn't quite match what I was saying and I stopped responding. Sure it would have led to money eventually.

I just think you should never give money to people you meet online and you probably shouldn't give it to friends IRL either. *shrugs*


Unpopular but very truthful opinion.....

Most people get scammed because they are hoping to get something cheaper or something for nothing. That guy who is offering to paint your fence for half the usual price but wants a deposit first? He will probably not be coming back to do the job!

Same with dating scams. You see a photo of a great looking person, maybe much younger than yourself. They make you feel special etc etc. But have a good look at them, are the photos real? What country are they from? Is their English a little... dodgy? Are they asking for gifts, money, assistance? Are they in a rush to get your email address, phone number? Are they providing their information too quickly?

Are there inconsistencies in their profile information? Do they even have profile?

When you ask them questions do they sound like they are copying answers off a script?

Women aren't the only ones targeted either.