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No longer a moderator!


Silence! I'll kill you!
I just want everyone to know that I have left as a moderator!
Reason is that it took too much of my time, and I need to be spending more time together with Joel and Nadia. I will still come here to post though, you guys are not getting rid of me that easy :rofl:


Thanks for all you have done for the site. I am sure that I and most others have no idea how time consuming it is. Wise to put your family first!

Glad you'll still be posting!



Aina, I agree with Joan, you're doing the right thing by putting your family's needs first; of course you and your family always have my best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity. I've enjoyed doing this moderation thing with you, and I'm glad you're staying around as a member.

the old guy


Silence! I'll kill you!
My family will always come first, but you guys are also like family so I can't leave the site completely :p

Thanks, George!!! :bighug: