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Puppy Arriving


New member
It's been over a month since I love my dog and the pain has gotten better but the absence of not having that unconditional love is truly still unbearable. After much looking and studying and going back and forth we have decided that a new dog is a must and tomorrow we will pick up our new puppy, 8 week old lab cream colored and just able to be taken home.

I have spent the day cleaning and preparing and it's safe to say this dog is already spoiled with numerous beds, a playpen, huge crate that is bigger than most living rooms, outside is ready and pet friendly. Tons of treats, food and the vet is set to meet him next week.

I am beyond excited even though the puppy stage is a nightmare, his little face is gonna melt my heart and it truly was love at first site. Seeing him and holding him for a few hours a few weeks ago, I knew the second our eyes met he was the one.

This time I went with a male and I will see how the little (soon to be big) man adjusts to his new home.

Tomorrow can't come soon enough for me.

Harp girl

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I'm so happy to hear that you've reached a point where you are ready and that your boy found you!

Puppies are a joy. Yes they are busy and need to be watched (I learned early that any 'messes' were my fault!) but it's so wonderful to see them experience the world and they learn so fast!

Good luck!

You'll be busy, but we'd love to see pictures and hear stories!


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Thank you everyone.

He's been home 24 hours and already we are so in love. He is such a good boy already. He slept wonderful through the night, already knows where to use the bathroom in the house (until he gets all his shots) and has learned to "sit" he plays for about half hour and then takes a nap, its the cutest thing. He has tons of toys, loves his dog food and has had many visitors that he gets to play with and is so well behaved.

He loves gadgets, if I am on my iPad he insists on jumping on me and thinking it's his to play with and now while trying to type this little message has taken double time due to him jumping on my laptop.

I am so in love already. And now I must go back to giving him all my attention because he doesn't like to be alone at all.