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Same sex ageless love support?


Super Moderator
Hi Shay,

Ageless used to have a section for same-sex couples but it got dropped, probably due to inactivity.

Even "straight" people are posting here less and less. I think part of the problem is that more interactive web venues like Facebook, YouTube and Skype are replacing traditional forums for social interaction.

You might try to Google it and see what you find. You may run across a more active forum that suits your needs and interests.

Good luck.


Same sex or heterosexual, age gap couples are welcome here. Sometimes couples feel a need for validation when they just start their relationship and they will find support and advice from people here that have faced similar situations and survived.


New member
There was at one time a same sex part of the site but it was not used much, we are an open site and anyone can posts in any of the sections.

If there were more of a community of same sex couples I would of course add that to the site as another section.