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Saving Private Ryan


This little fellow here is a hermit crab that Roxy found in the parking lot in my building.
He must be quite the explorer because hermit crabs live near the ocean and the spot where I found him was quite removed from the ocean in crab-terms.
He is about twice as big as a Hershey kiss, so he is small.
But he was very active, once he was in a bowl, trying desperately to climb out. When he would see me, he would then hide into his shell until the coast was clear.

So my mission was to return him to his habitat.

My mom and I walked to a grassy area next to the ocean and put him there in the grass. Unfortunately we could not put him right in the ocean, with his fellow crabs because there was a fence and door preventing us.

Good luck little crab! Be free, be happy!


I still play with trains
It is nice to hear of folks that will go out of there way to help gods creatures that the creature can help them selves.