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Seeking Connection, Communication and companionship with YW

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I feel the best relationship has no age barrier, yet I feel that intergenerational relationships are the best match. I am seeking a young woman who appreciates experience, wisdom and a youthful spirit , a young lady to share intelligent thoughtful conversation and enthusiastic life moments. I am seeking an intelligent, youthful, warm, kind caring and sincere lady to get to know, connect and communicate with. I feel chemistry can be developed through friendship first, Im thinking that will lead to a rich friendship so we can take it from there. That said 2 individuals do have to have a personal attractiveness towards one another or nothing starts. I also feel how communication setups from the get go signifies how it will always be... I own my own home, mentally, physically, financially fit, I work full-time, do not drug, drink or smoke. I am secure in my truths, and feel that awareness and experience has led me to a place of being good with who I am. If you are going hmmmm, send me an email...Mark


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