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Sensitive Gentle Romantic Snugglebear Seeking younger angel 27 to 37

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Sensitive Gentle Romantic Snugglebear Needs Younger Angel 27 to 37...........For Longterm
I am searching for a precious angel that will make my life complete. My heart is sad and my life is lonely without you. I will put you on a pedestal and love you as long as The Lord let's me live. I will cherish you and spend all my days trying to make you happy. Whether it's a romantic walk on the beach or sitting side by side in front of the fireplace, you will be the center of my world. I will cherish each moment we spend together as if it is our last. A moment in time without the sparkle in your eye, from the glow of the fire, will be a lifetime to me. I will be your friend or your lover. Whether it's a rose on your pillow or breakfast in bed, you will be the fire that keeps my heart warm. Never a tear will ever appear in your eyes, you will be my precious angel and never feel unloved. We can dance the night away or just sit on the sofa holding each other watching a romantic movie. Our lives will join, our hearts will bond and our souls will be together, forever.
Your age is hopefully 27 to 37. The reason, I want us to have children of our own. You are somewhat naive, shy, maybe a little submissive in nature, very loyal and tenderhearted. Maybe you were raised in a strict environment and have never been anywhere. That's not bad it just means to me that you have not been poisoned by the ways of the world. The most important thing is that you are a simple, pure and sweet angel that feels you need a love that is special. I will make you feel special, precious. That's my job! The eyes of love see the beauty within. Do you live in a deadend town, have a deadend job, have a deadend life, but think you would look good in ropers, a miniskirt or just shorts, please be my angel.
So, precious, if your are proportionate and less than 5'8" please contact me soon; we are at a crossroad in our life, please make the right turn. Don't worry whether you think other ladies will respond, you are the one I want to hear from.

I am 6' tall, a strong 200lb snugglebear. Very handsome, financially stable and 53. I prefer an angel younger, around 27 to 37. I am gentle natured, sensitive, kindhearted and openminded. I am a romantic and will be sensitive to your needs. I am a countryboy living in the city. My dream is to own a horse ranch someday with plenty of space. I have a business in Houston and own a home in Humble. Money is not a problem. You will not have to work unless you just want to. Love to camp, fish and spend quiet times with nature. Don't recall ever being in love, so my hope is in you.
write me...
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