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Skinner Box


Game psychology is absolutely fascinating to me. I read a variety of blogs written by game devs and I just find the whole thing really, really interesting. Of course there are people who will run in Skinner's box until they kill themselves or neglect someone else, but it isn't the majority of players by even a mega shot. These are folks who would have succumbed to these same addictive patterns with something else... drugs, alcohol, gambling, whatever.

There is a psychological component of every industry out there competing for our dollars and attention while using any possible means available to do so. Why we are susceptible to those means really is the driving question in my mind. What is it about goals and grind that we like? Why does it appeal to us this whole leveling process? Why is it that a subculture that I believe is anti-establishment at its core is so responsive to this kind of structure?

I also am specifically interested in the psychology of female gamers as opposed to male gamers. In other words, how are we different? Are there specific kinds of play that are more appealing by gender? That kinda stuff...

Really cool!!!

Ms Anon

Without clicking the article link I remembered reading something similar on the forums for the online game I play.

I have just searched for about 15 minutes to find it. Unfortunately, it had been eaten by the 50 page monster but good 'ol google cache saved the day.

Only to find...

it was the same article


Lol, but I too found it very interesting. Meh, I'm sure there are worse things we could be doing :giggle: