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So who's going to watch TLC's newest reality show.


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Extreme Cougar Wives-

I watched the trailer. This is why I don't even bother to respond to those producers who post here. Not at all interested in being someone's OMG moment. I have had enough of those in real life.

That channel used to be great, too bad it descended into Honey Boo Boo, Bristol Palin depths in order to try to draw bored viewers in search of shock factor. I wish my cable company had a cafeteria plan, I'd probably be dropping TLC.

I hope those people who allow their lives to be splayed out all over TV are compensated enough to make it worth it.

Besides, the comments I've read from people online posting about the trailers are enough to make you ill. Nice to see not a lot has really changed in the last 10 years.



I haven't had TV for about 10 years now, but when I did have it and cable, TLC was The Learning Channel.

Is that no longer the case?


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I haven't had TV for about 10 years now, but when I did have it and cable, TLC was The Learning Channel.

Is that no longer the case?

Technically, it's still The Learning Channel. But the "learning" is more about exposing anyone who is different and/or completely ridiculous. It can make for some guilty pleasure TV (I'm looking at you, Sister Wives! :eek: ) but really, they should be ashamed. I also ignore those producers. Whatever show they're making would be completely ridiculous, because that's what people want to see. For instance, my relationship? 19 year age difference....and everyone is accepting of it. There is no drama. No one that we know disapproves of our relationship (or if they do, they're respectful enough not to say anything). My relationship would not make for successful television, and it's definitely not what producers are looking for.

I may check out an episode....and then, as with most reality TV, I'm sure I'll be horrified and change the channel.


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I haven't had TV for about 10 years now, but when I did have it and cable, TLC was The Learning Channel.

Is that no longer the case?

TV in general has become very depressing and it's a shame the shows that are out there today. Personally I won't be watching, besides for the fact that after watching the trailer I can't seem to take any of these couples "serious" enough, I find it shameful how many networks air shows without any depth or real meaning anymore. I often find myself wondering why I pay so much each month for cable when there is nothing good on anymore.


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Ok....I just watched the trailer, it was awful, But why do they call it "extreme cougar wives"? It just looks like these ladies are "dating" the young men. There is a BIG difference between a "relationship" and a "booty call"!!
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I agree Karlsgirl. It seems this is a "one hour special" rather than a new series and an actual older wife was nowhere to be found. I just saw one actual "cougar" (bless her heart) and two older girlfriends.

I might watch it just to see what happens with Jude and Kevin. (It did seem like there was some ceremony going on between them in the clip - maybe they do get married?)

And I agree with Bella - the comments on most of the article are pretty awful. One has to wonder how the comments would be if less "extreme" AGRs were shown, like in the 10 - 20 year AGR range. Some people still said "that's disgusting" with my 13 year AGR but now no one seems to say that anymore. (At least, not to my face. I get more "you go girl" than anything else, lol!


So I just watched the trailer on YT: Wow, that's crazy. Of course they'd go extreme as possible with a woman in her 70s/80s with a guy in his 20s/30s. :rolleyes:


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Okay. Watching... Still not sure why the 76 year old is in a show called "wives" when she isn't even in a relationship, but whatever.


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Well I don't care for this. I was approached heavily by someone in TV from this site.

I think Adam and I have NO shock factor. It maybe boring TV. I mean I think my life is exciting and happy but not TV worthy. We really love each other and like each other. We are hitched for the long run.

HERES what I dont like. Why is it that SEX is a big factor in the show? Crazy Grannie who wants to do young hot guys. Why is it so news worthy? All couples except for a very few regardless of age or sexual preference have sex. (Except for a few)

Course I thought my hubby was HOT HOT HOT and it was a factor but a small factor in the bigger picture of loving the person inside the body.


AND I am Giving it away for FREE!

Make a series about love affairs that withstood adversity. People who found eachother and went against the odd's and made it. Make it about love and I bet that any normal person will fall for the series. It will reach out to millions of other people who really just want to find the ONE person that made their life complete.

Then it can be about everyone. I think many people don't have love in their lives because they already have the perfect person figured out in their head. Guess what he or she does not exist! If I lost Adam I would not want anyone for a very long time as no one can fill his shoes BUT if I did find someone he would have to be as unique and lovely as my husband and I would not put an age on that. I have always said that AGELESS LOVE to me is a statement that love has no boundries. Not at all about hooking up with younger guys on purpose.

If love finds you worthy and you are willing to be brave sometimes magic happens.


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I watched the show and I agree, it should not have had "wives" in the title. I think "extreme" in any title is ridiculous, but assume it is chosen to grab attention.

As far as the oldest woman story, that was silly and didn't really go along with the rest of the show.

However, I think the two other stories could have been something real, and could have been shown as representative of age gap relationships, because the two couples really seemed to love each other.

The problem was that it was all squeezed into a one-hour show, and of course, they did things to try to make the older woman look ridiculous.


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Of all the reality TV shows and TV in general is a great wasteland As one of the FCC commissioners said many years ago and there was only thirteen channels.
And today it seams that we have about 8,000 Channels and there is just a lot more of nothing.
For my I like the reality TV shows Flying wild Alaska, Gold Rush Alaska ,Alaska Wing Men, Ice road truckers. and the two hour block of automotive shows on Saturday and Sunday Mornings Called the power block.
And I like the reality TV shows about fire arms. Americans Guns, Sons of a Gun,Top Shot,
Now if they had a good show on railroading that showed what is takes to run and work on the railroad.
When you think the the American railroad built the country.
Spend a lot of time on You Tube . That is where I learned to build my first Solar Panels , cook over a open fire in cast iron cook ware. how to rebuild a started for my old truck.


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can't wait to miss it

On several occasions last fall, I caught a few minutes of the precursor show about cougar dating. I caught a few minutes of the show last week--a lady in her 60's is with a guy in his late 20's, and his gay guy friend was being an absolute a-s-s about the difference in their ages.

I think it's cool that the producers of the show are putting OW/YM relationships out there, but I know there's not much reality involved in "reality" TV. It's edited with channel surfers in mind, and they don't pause for the mundane. I totally love "Hattie" from New York, but I think there's still somewhat of a "freak show" element to the program overall. While I do not like that at all, I can't indict the media for doing their job...which is to create sensational programming that commands top dollar from advertising agencies, because the network's corporate shareholders expect to earn dividends or sell their stock. They aren't out there to enlighten anyone so we all treat each other with more tolerance.

With that in mind, I am saddened that the "extreme cougar wives" program is done with nowhere near the level of sensitivity as the show on hoarders, which I do watch on occasion because I learn things that are helpful to me when making home visits.



I haven't had TV for about 10 years now, but when I did have it and cable, TLC was The Learning Channel.

Technically yes, but in my mind it's become "The Lazy-Programming-of-Crap Channel", as have they all.

Plus, I don't need to watch reality shows. Between my 7 y/o son, my 22 y/o fiance, my service station, and my side job of driving around NJ selling heating/cooling to preset appointments I have endless stories that parallel any of the reality shows in "huh?" moments.

I record "Burn Notice" with the hopes of one lazy day I never seem to have where I can sit down in my pajamas, snarf down bagels all day catching up.

Other than that dream, and occasional cspan/msnbc (yay rachel maddow!), I watch very little TV.