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Still Around



Hi everyone.. I'm still around trying to get on my own. Things have been very crazy. I have been on a roller coaster. Right now I am trying to get enough $ to move. I did find a really nice place but the bad thing is it is right down the street from him. He has been very bitter. I dont know whats going on with him and I don't think I want to know. All I know is that I need to get some kind of stability in my life right now. At first he said he would help me get out and now that all changed. My job is going great and I am just starting to make $ but I had to use it to get my kids ready for school. I'm trying to stay strong but I feel myself wanting to give up. Please help me get my head in the right place. I really need it. Hope to hear from everyone soon.


Cherub is so right stick to your guns.... Use your strength... You and your kids are together... you guys are the most important thing!!! If it was meant to be it would happen... Love shouldn't be hard!!