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Stupid commercial on YouTube


Super Moderator
I just got "treated" to a very stupid commercial on a YouTube video.
This old guy is sitting on a pool deck across the pool from two beautiful young women.
He dives into the pool and swims across, and as he emerges from the water he turns into a young studly guy!
Of course the women are interested now!
We're constantly told in so many ways by "society" that you have to be a young beautiful person, or you're not a "real" person.
Would people stop assuming that the "stereotypical image" of beauty is what everybody has to be attracted to?
I don't even know what the ad was for, I skipped it before it finished.


Super Moderator
There was another commercial for Four Eyes, where a woman looks at an old man through her new glasses and he's a handsome young guy through the glasses. Pleeeeeze!!!!
These commercials are just telling me where not to buy products! I love being told where to spend my money. "Commercial" advertising in reverse!

If everybody in the world was like me a lot of companies would go out of business!