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Ten year anniversary!


2020, the year of our 10th anniversary. Because in Panama we have a strict lockdown, we will have a family lunch to celebrate it with my son, his fiance, and my mom. It has to be lunch because everyone has to be home from 7pm to 5 am. It also has to be very intimate, because gatherings are forbidden. No visitors allowed in buildings. Luckily my son and fiance are registered as residents, because they used to live in an apartment here.

I went full corny with heart napkins, a centerpiece of roses, and white/red embroidered tablecloth.

Interestingly we had been broken up for 9 months, also 10 years ago. I would come to Ageless for support during the no-contact and break-up- Anyways, I called him to make final arrangements to ship his stuff to the US, (I had already disposed of some clothes), and during that phone call, which was actually several phone calls because we were fighting and he kept hanging up on me, and calling me back, we decided that marriage was the one thing we had not tried, to see if our relationship could work out.

Anyways, I thought I would share this event. I am now 61, and he is 40.


Mark's girl
Happy anniversary! Maybe you can have a bigger celebration once lock down is over. Happy 10 yeasr!:feest013::feest013::bunny_4::bunny_4::grouphug:


Wow. Thank you for sharing about your breakup experience that happened right before your marriage. And now you've been together for 10 years.

Happy Anniversary! I hope you get several more decades of happiness together! Congrats!