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Ageless Love

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the forum does not like me to like :-))


New member
I almost Always have the problem that I cannot like more than one posting per thread. If I want to like more, and I usually discover up to 6 posts that I like (I really like you all :D), I have to go into another topic and then call up the previous topic again and only then I can like the second posting. And then the game starts all over again.
Sometimes it gets a bit on my nerves.

Am I maybe doing something wrong? Or do others have that problem, too?


Some assembly required
I sometimes find the system a bit slow to post my Like. No big deal, it's a first-world problem. :)


New member
I, sometimes, have problems with liking a post. When I click on "Like", it will freeze. Then I have to refresh the page and do it again.