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The Work Place - Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Work Place: UPDATE!!!!
Hello All-


My OM just got a promotion this passed week. He is now my boss's boss, which makes him MY top boss. Before the promotion, he was VP of sales, which didn't link him to me at all. Last week he was promoted to Senior V.P. which now puts my department along with 4 other departments under him.

I am so proud of him that he got this promotion!! He deserves it more than anyone i know. But now he is my TOP BOSS - before there was no link!!

Do u think I will aventually have to get another job? I don't want anything to risk my OM position. He's been there 10 years & deserves it all. I am an Administrative Assistant, only for 3 years with the company- I could get a job anywhere. I wouldn't want him to be looked down at now as Senior V.P. if "WE" come out.
My company is owned by the Japanese, & they frown upon relationships within the company for some reason.

Any advice?


I agree. You should definitely look elsewhere for a job. Otherwise his career could be in jeopardy. Start today.


I agree also.... I would look for a new job..... it's not healthy to have him as your " boss "


In my company, the rules were that if you were dating someone in the office, you could not be directly linked to them. The handbook stated that if that were to happen, then you would go to your supervisor and tell him/her what is going on and then they could change you out of that department and into another admin role. I think that if you still want to stay at the company regardless of what department, then you should take that route. if you want to stay in the same department, then you should look for a new job. they don't want your boyfriend directly linked to your money and performance...

I started dating my boss and we tried to figure that out for awhile... but my supervisor randomly assigned me a new department that needed help so we never had to go to anyone to figure it out. We were together for 8 months in that office and noone ever knew. He still works there in his executive role... and when people found out (when he told them a month after i left), he told them that we started seeing each other after i was moved and there were no problems.

So, just think about it. I heard some horror stories about the boss having a relationship with the admin and both were fired. just be careful and make sure you know what you're doing.