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Time flies! What has changed since you first came to AL?


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I just had a thought... I've been coming here for SEVEN YEARS! Unreal. And so much is different now.

I'm still with the same YM. We are going strong. But I was in my 20s when I first came here (okay, 29) and now I'm 36. I feel like it's been a lifetime since then. I've moved twice since I first joined AL, and have been living in my own condo for a few years.

My YM are buying a place together this year. I've finished my accounting designation (which I hadn't even started when I first joined -- it took six full years to finish). We've travelled in Europe and Africa.

Anyone else care to share?


Funny you should mention it. I was just thinking about how it has almost been 7 years since I came here after a certain YM caught my eye and captured my heart.

Have since broken up but we are still in close contact.

Have aged a lot and have endured lots of health problems. And changed positions in my company.

When I came here my oldest child was 19 and my youngest was 9. Now my oldest will soon be 26, married and has given me a granddaughter. And my youngest is now 16 and in high school.

About all that hasn't changed is where I live.

On a side note, Pink, are you going to any of the Olympic events?


My (ex) bf pointed me to this site. We are now separated but still in love, but with little hope. I have matured, my son has become and adult. I wish I could say the same of my YM. :(


lets see started out as chamaeleon on here almost 4 years ago now (wow that went fast!) and you all know we got hitched...life is good:yes:


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I turned 50 thanks for reminding me.

Other than that, EVERYTHING has changed, except for the fact I found my own true love. Adam. What a shock.


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Not as much has changed in my life as I'd like--gotta work on that.

One thing that has changed is that I turned 40. Sigh. It's a little disconcerting being a YM who's now older than a lot of the OW.

I think the site is currently on its third re-design since I joined.

Crickets chirp and tumbleweeds roll down the streets of Sexually Speaking. I must admit I miss the rowdy old days there and all the butt threads. Harrison come back!


Animals are people too!
On a side note, Pink, are you going to any of the Olympic events?

Unfortunately no... well, that is I'm not going to any of the games (unless I score tickets sometime in the next couple weeks, which is always possible). However, I did go to my communities torch relay celebration, which was neat (got a pic of myself holding the torch, unfortunately it was unlit at the time, haha, but that's okay). And I plan on going downtown to all the pavillions and stuff and taking in a free show or two. So I'll be going to Olympic events, but not necessarily any games. :):D


i found 2 gray hairs, one nice wrinkle, I think I might need depends and I'm a lil flatulent ...how is that?? just kidding I am not really gassy today and I am out of depends.:bgrin2::yes::yes::bgrin2::p


Unfortunately no... well, that is I'm not going to any of the games (unless I score tickets sometime in the next couple weeks, which is always possible). However, I did go to my communities torch relay celebration, which was neat (got a pic of myself holding the torch, unfortunately it was unlit at the time, haha, but that's okay). And I plan on going downtown to all the pavillions and stuff and taking in a free show or two. So I'll be going to Olympic events, but not necessarily any games. :):D

I hope you have a wonderful time. Just being there probably feels electric. :)


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Well... six years ago (in April 2004) I came here regarding a ym friend that I had a crush on. I no longer have that crush, but am still very fond of him. We run into each other 2-3 times per year. I ran into him a few weeks ago and we talked for about 2 hours in a grocery store. It was great to see him, he is growing up! He was almost 19 then and now he is almost 25.

I was 37 when I came here and am now almost 43. I left Ageless for awhile, but came back. I turned 40 on a beach in MA and have travelled to CA, MA and PA about 8-9 times. I've had 2 age gap LDR's. I live in the same house. I have changed jobs 3 times and am currently unemployed due to a layoff and am planning a trip back to school.

My only child was about to turn 16 back then and she is now about to turn 22. She moved out last year and is now about to move back home because she also got laid off and will be going back to school as well.


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Gosh..most everything has changed since I joined here.

I came here just a wee bit into a relationship with a YM, which lasted over eight years. That ended in July, and he is now expecting a baby in May and getting married in August to a younger woman. Go figure..lol

I sold my house and moved...twice. UGH. And I want to do it again!

When I joined my oldest child was in high school, and my youngest in elementary. Now my YOUNGEST is in high school. My oldest graduated college. I have one daughter in college, and one who is in CNA training and getting married this summer.

I turned 35 while I was here, and then 40. Now 41.

I became guardian to a pregnant teenage girl, who in December gave birth to my first "grandbaby" so to speak, Ariana, who makes me smile most every single day.

So, now its pretty much like starting over all the way back at the beginning. I've finally stabilized myself financially from the breakup, and Im starting over as a single woman, in her 40s, raising a baby and two teenagrs in what we like to refer to as a "starter house" lol...

**sigh** Life sure is funny sometimes... :)


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I came here in January 2000 although my profile says differently. Back then, Ageless had about 400 members and was run by a woman named Allana who was in an AGR herself. I found the site because of an article in a local mag about it. It was a tight knit little group. They frowned on people getting involved with married people, and if you were with a REALLY young guy, they frowned on that too. Most of the people on the site were married. There was a "wall" where you could write your s/o and your name. It only had about 100 couples on it, that's how small the place was. Robin and I had been together 6 months and he had just moved in with me. He was 21 and I was 37.

Since then, he had an affair with my neighbor that lasted God only knows how long, in December, 2006 we broke up for good. I went through two years of heartache getting over him, but got back into music which helped tremendously. I had a couple of romances, including the one with the Scotsman, Andy, but they didn't work out.

These days I am so busy with music and am doing some pretty exciting stuff with it, and dealing with my daughter who has severe emotional issues. She was 7 when I joined the site, now she's 17! My son will be 21! I met some friends for life here, and we created a smaller, private site that we frequent at times.

Some of the popular old timers were, Bear's Angel, Rhiannon, Bella (still here), Lady-in-Waiting (still here), Julianne, Gabriel (many hours of chat room fun there!), anyone remember any of the other old timers?
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Time does fly!

Let's see...

I joined 4 years ago because I was in an AGR with a VYM and pregnant. I didn't know where else to turn for support so I did a search for "older woman younger man" and found Ageless.

Since joining Ageless a lot has happened. Most notably I lost both my mother & sister. I developed Meniere's & had to give up my job of 13 years. My van was demolished, another of my vehicles was stolen, & I bought "Barney" (my purple PT). Our daughter was born (now 3), we got engaged, & we just recently married. We've traveled to see his family (California 2x, Mexico 1x). We traveled cross country, round-trip, in a car (Pennsylvania <---> California) & had a blast. I'm sure there's more, but that's all that sprang to mind so I'll run with that!

Best memory hands down was the one I feared most, our wedding. No clue what I was freaking out about all that time, but I'm glad I did because the way things worked out was perfect. No regrets!


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I've been here about two minutes less than Polly, and actually had the pleasure of meeting the original founders of Ageless, who gave it to Alanna. Back then Ageless was hosted on Lovestories.com.

I'd love to hear from some of the originals as well, I know Bear and his Angel aren't together anymore. Life wasn't kind to them. I do run into a few folks here and there around the net world, amazingly enough.

David and I are still together, still hot for each other, when we have time.

He's taking his prerequisites for RN school, while working full time, I'm working full time, and 2 or 3 times a month pulling a night shift for a nursing agency, taking care of kids only.

I've got 6 grandbabies now, my daughter is 15, and other than the normal teen-age angst, doing very well. She's a master cook, won a competition in her school for vegetable carving, and for tapas, went to districts, but didn't go farther, not too shabby for a freshman. She has dinner on the table most nights, and does a great job. Now if I could teach her to clean :D.

We also have two dogs, two cats and a needy cockatiel, who spends a lot of her time on one of our shoulders with her head buried in our hair. It's always a good idea to glance at your back in the mirror before leaving the house. She'd been dumped at the pet supply store my daughter in law worked at, since she'd had a couple of babies, the people who owned her wanted to keep the babies, not her, since she hadn't learned to talk. I think it made her a little nuts. Where a human is, she feels she has to be, too.

Gotta say, life is good. And I have to credit that man, who works his tail off for us, and is still my best friend. Anyone who can put up with me for nearly a decade, and still actually seem to like me, is either crazy, or it must be real love.


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Wow, what hasn't changed since I joined Ageless? The background has changed ... is it twice or three times now? I actually began lurking in September 2001 because I'd begun dating a man 7 years younger than I but didn't feel any urgent need to join until I entered into a relationship with a significantly younger man (16 year gap) in 2003. Even then, we'd been a couple for several months before we actually signed up as "Mr and Mrs Hedgehog."

Since then? Hoo boy, it would be easier to say what HASN'T changed: I still have five kids, I still have red hair, green eyes and freckles, and I still can talk a mile a minute. Other than that? Everything has changed. Everything.

I discovered I had a sister. We became very close. Then, a year ago, I lost her to breast cancer. I got a dog. I got a bunch of cats. I got rid of the cats. I still have the dog. My oldest son was in high school. Now he's 25 with a baby of his own! My youngest was entering kindergarten. Now's she's in junior high. I have one starting driver's ed and two who are in college. Yep, five, count 'em, five kids.

As for relationships? Tim and I dated online, then we dragged everyone through it when we met in person. in May 2004, Ageless saw us get engaged. Then they watched us (literally) get married when we broadcast our wedding live from Las Vegas that December. Three years later, Tim left me and I jumped right into an intense relationship with John - we had a 20 year age gap. There was a huuuuuuge hullaballoo here on the boards over it all but we got through it. Let's see... 8 months after that, John broke up with me and I shattered into a million pieces. Not just because of John. I think the end of that relationship opened the dam of years of pain over past relationships which, truthfully, needed to happen. Once I started crying, it felt like I'd never stop. I think I cried 8 hours a day for the first 6 weeks. And then it was 4 hours a day for the next month. It took me a long time not to hate love and relationships after that. And I do mean "hate." Happy couples made me want to vomit - isn't that a terrible thing to admit? But it's true.

Anyway... one year ago, on 21 February 2009, I cautiously entered into a new relationship with a "younger" man (2 years younger :p) and I have never been happier in my life than I am right now. He's steady, opinionated, stubborn (German, ha!), he never backs down from a good argument and he doesn't put up with any of my manipulative crap. And! He thinks I'm the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. Smart man! ;)

The biggest change of all, I think, has been within. I am still me. But I am truly, truly a different person than I was 7 years ago. It would take waaaaay too long to explain it but if you're ever really, really bored, read through my old posts. I think my first 10,000 or so have been deleted (*coughs*) but even with what's still here, the transformation is pretty obvious.

Did I mention that I still talk a mile a minute? Of course I did. Yeah, that hasn't changed either...


Well I remember every old timer Polly mentioned except for Rhiannon and more than a few others I miss including Desert Spring and Rosalynde to name a few. I still get wind of BA through another group I belong to and some others too at Maria's place.

I've seen the backgrounds change here at AL too (that mention made me laugh literally out loud!). Its not just the backgrounds though, the mod team pretty much completely has changed (even Jodie came and went and came again!). The membership has turned over so many times since I joined that I've seen literally at least four major walk outs (you know the ones... where enough people are pissed off about enough dumb things that they go to make their own AL... all in a huff). *hangs head in shame* Even I left in a huff and changed my name!

I weighed well over 300 pounds when I joined... what? 7 years ago? I lived in Chicago then. I had 4 kids under 18 then. Now I'm a svelte *huge eye roll here* 150 and I live in Hilliard, OH. My oldest graduated college almost 2 years ago.

When I joined back then, I was in an online relationship with an 18 year old. Nobody thought it would last.... mainly because I'm crazy and he was soooooo verrrrrry younnnnnnng. Now we're getting ready to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on Feb 18th. He pisses me off and we are NOT a perfect couple. We have plenty, plenty ups and downs, but so far... we're lasting (despite some recent signs to the contrary). Alls I can say is... he is a lucky guy that I'm willing to put up with him. Nuff said on that one... though my drive is currently shoveled ROFL!

Lydia and Noah looked like this then:


Lydia and Noah look like this now:



How amazing is that????


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Oh, speaking of Rosalynde, she and Mike had twins last Fall.

Sandie, if you're reading any of this, pictures, please!!

Kye, you too, updates.

DS did a fly by post a few days ago. Miss you Honey!!

Ellethe/marce, the kids are gorgeous.


They did???! She did???!

Gratz Sandie and I agree... where the heck are the pics???

*off to read DS*


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Yeah, one of each, boy and girl that is. Nice big healthy babies, especially for twins.

She's probably way too busy to get on the 'puter these days.


I love being a redhead!
Aww, good for them - what wonderful news!

I miss Peachy & Joe, too, btw. And a bunch of other folks :)