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Tips for the creative mind



I wanted to share with you something that I am currently applying in my life that has worked. As many of the senior members known me as someone who is into metaphysical thingys. Anyway for the past two weekends, I been going to the beach with a note book and pen and started writing at the pier. I noticed that when I write something near a body of water..river, ocean..fountain..etc, I am able to clearly express myself without any writer's block. About a week ago, I was at starbucks near a water fountain at 7am and writing my essay that I am going to use for my college applications. Has anyone notice that when they take a shower and had a problem in their head that they were able to find an answer. Please share with the group any ideas that has worked for you.

Lady Starlight

I am not a big believer in such things, but I would tend to suspect that it would be highly individual.

Some people seem to find the desert to be very inspiring, from a religious and meditative point of view. Other people are into the mountain, and others the forest.

So probably, if you are trying to "find " yourself in this way, you have to try lots of different things. Find your own thumbprint, so to speak. So if you have found water to be good for you, Tyger, maybe you should consider getting one of those little table top fountain thingies to have near you. They aren't that expensive anymore, andy you might find it very conducive to your thought process.

Just a thought.


I have a friend who does well OUTSIDE touching EARTH.

me... it depends on my mood more than my location.