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Ageless Love

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Love is next time

Love is the renewal of kindred spirits
it comes and goes like every season
a rebirth of glory years of genes and kins
a renewal of heart's lease and a rebirth of fate
Love carries your heart afar
towards the twirling wave
creating a new frontier
and making wild noises all the way
you would hear sounds like a caged hyena but it is only love
I like the seasons of love
they are like the summer flowers of my childhood
fresh and always beautiful
but the old lease is now
but love is not now
love is tomorrow
and the day after
but the old lease still runs today
unlike love,
which is afar like the moon and the star
waiting for its flag
and acting like the birds with their sweet melody
Today is today my love
Tomorrow will be too much to contain



A fading light above
a radiant beauty... mother of puppis
your sense is wonderful
your essence is love

On Sundays your smile sends stars towards pluto
the next day you give birth to stars that circle saturn
all the time I wonder in awe of your beauty
and how magnificient you are

A small peak to look at the portrait above was my day
sometimes you give out hot air to disperse the gaze
other times your cold stare changes others minds
but all I ask for is to shine beside you
for what you are is what I desire
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Notes from 5006

Centuries ago the naive structures stood
their height beautifying the land
symbols of strength and work
But alas they were gone
Taken by the great fire
left was desolation
emptiness filled with nothing but emptiness

a vacuum comes and goes
but stops for its forms
substances of most planets
not ice but the other
and the stars laughed at us for we thought we were different
the rain made funny noises when it pours
But alas our sense of wrong was still our burden
the plants were still dressed with the work of children
branches with rings from the land of the desolate leaders

It was years ago technology took as afar
it was years ago technology brought us ruin
its actions made us lazy
our minds made desolate
problems were created by the machines
and problems solved by the machines but once
and now the land is barren made desolate by the application
But alas our vanity has been exposed