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Two of my Dogs Passed Away


Mark's girl
This is late but two f my dogs passed. On December 39th, we had to euthanize Mija, the Chihuahua. She was 16 and the first dog I ever had. I got her four months before Mark and I married, so she was about 5 when I adopted her. She got kidney disease and was on RX food and we gave her IV fluids. She just got skinny and weak so we let her go. We have her ashes and paw print.

London, our Golden Retriever, left three days after Mija on Jan 3rd, 2020. We came home to puke everywhere. London could not move or eat. She barely drink. We took her to our vet who felt a huge lump near her spleen, most likely cancer. We euthanized her. We adopted her when she was eight, and she was 15.[/ATTACH] B3D6D792-03DE-4382-9B2F-CEDDB0BDE3EF.jpg 0893356E-3F38-42A7-B1DB-FC01E507351D.jpg

Slow Worm

I am so sorry to read of this.

Remember that London and Mija had what dogs need most, a loving pack leader they could trust. You cared for them to their very ends, and they doubtless loved you.

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

Shakespeare, sonnet 116​