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Update from us!


Silence! I'll kill you!
I haven't been here in a while... but I thought I would do a little update :D

Maria is now 10 months and she is a very active little girl!
She crawls and walks around the furniture and she puts EVERYTHING she can get her little hands on in her mouth...
She has 8 teeth now and is pretty darn cute when she smiles :D

I'm going back to work on the 1st of December and we are going to have a friend of Joel over from California to look after her while we're at work. I will work shorter hours since we are allowed 2 hours off with pay for breast feeding and Joel works shift so it will only be every other week that Steve (Joel's friend) will have to have her... He is sort of an au pair, but he can only stay for 3 months since au pairs can't be from the same country as one of the parents of the child... after Steve is gone Joel will take his 10 weeks... and by that time I will be back on maternity leave... with nr. 2 (or 4 in my case :D)

Yup that's right! Little Maria is going to be a big sister! :yes:
The new baby will be due in the end of June/beginning of July!

Anyways, here's some pictures of the big sister to be:






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Wow! :D Thanks for the update...and number 2!!! That's so awesome!!! I'm so glad you guys are doing well, Maria is adorable!

Don't be such a stranger, we miss you (at least pop in once a month or so.... ;)...)

Take care



Silence! I'll kill you!
Thanks guys!
Right now I'm in the not so fun part of the pregnancy where all I want to do is to hang out in the bathroom or sleep! But that is not possible with an active 10 month old!:tongue2:


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I have been looking for this update. She is soooo cute and she will be a big sister that's even cuter. CONGRATS!!


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How wonderful!!!! Congratulations to you all of you. I love that pic of her kissing a mirror. Im just so happy for you...


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Congrats on the new baby Aina! Joel must be thrilled! Tell him I said congratulations as well!