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vacation attraction



I met a guy on vacation recently (October). He was very nice and since I was travelling by myself he invited me to join his party. He was a young 65 and the ladies were in there 70's. I'm 54.

We all hit it off and talking to them found out that they lived pretty close by. When I got home; I decided to look him up because I had a group picture of them and wanted to send it to them. I especially wanted to keep in touch with him; just for friendship if for nothing else. I also had given him my address, phone number and my e-mail. He wrote me back and told me he was very happy to hear from me. and told me to keep in touch.
He also told me that maybe in the Spring we could get together. He only lives about 1/2 hour away. Needless to say I was thrilled.
We corresponded for 5 months; mostly on my part. I did the e-mailing and he just answered me. Sometimes he answered in a very upbeat manner and than lately he was getting very vague. I was getting disappointed because he never asked me anything. After a while he would just hit the reply button and just answered my questions. I was getting a little tired of it and thought that may if I stopped for a while; he would take the initiative and write me first for a change. But no such luck. At the beginning, he had sent me a couple of pictures on the computer and told me that he would send another one of us when he finished is role. He went on a cruise in March and I was hopping that would be the initiative to send me the picture when he came back. But my plan back fired. It's been almost 3 months since I stopped e-mailing and nothing.

Is there anything more that I should do?

Or just forget about him?

Should I e-mail him just to keep friendly?

Thanks for your response. Tinkerbell


Hmmmmm.....I was going to say that maybe he's just not the email type. I know I'd want some answers. Hmmm...maybe just send one last email seeing if you two can catch a drink or a cup of coffee and see how he interacts with you?

Good Luck!