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We got married today


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married us.jpg

We had a lovely private ceremony at my daughter's home, followed by a delicious prime rib dinner she made.
After all these years of me saying I would never get married, here we are. Financially it now just makes more sense.

The old timers here know me well. For you new folks, we met when he was not quite 18, playing an on-line game. He moved here from North Carolina to be with me. There are 28 years between us. I had lots of freak out times, he was steady and determined. This site and many of the people I met here helped me cope.

It's been over 13 years now. He's truly my partner, and the love of my life. And now also my husband.


Wow, congratulations! I wish you all the happiness and love! :)


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Bella, I haven't been around here much for the past 7 years...I log in maybe once a year...and here I see you've married. It's heartening and lovely. Congratulations.


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I think it's pretty awesome how many of us old timers are still together with our partners :) Chris and I had our 9 year anniversary on New Years. We too met online playing a game. He was 18, I was 35. We have had a TON of ups and downs and growing pains, but I can honestly say that he is an amazing man and partner and we have a wonderful life! Marriage....not so sure, I've been there, done that - twice lol - but I guess I can never say "never" ;)


The Phantom Menace
Wow, Bella! Congrats!! I think we've been with our guys about the same amount of time, and I've always sworn I wouldn't remarry also! So you guys did it!!! Now you have got me thinking. We even bought a house together. Well, I'm so happy for you both!

Kye :)


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So happy for you!!

Your story was one of the ones I followed from the moment I came on this board, and your posts and insights were full of wisdom and optimism. I don't post here often but I was wondering how you two were doing...what joy to log on and see this great news! All happiness to you both!!


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So happy for you both. I wish so much happiness.
Your love together gives me hope that I can one soon be with the man I love so much!