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We got married today


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Hi, You were around when I first came on to the site. Congratulations. Adam and I will be celebrating 11 years in June. I think we logged in a few years before that tho. He was 22 when I met him, today, he has a bit of grey in his beard. I am with him because he is sweet, kind, my biggest advocate and so loyal to me and my family. He works incredibly hard at his job and is my husband and my best friend. I love him, it has not wavered, I have not thought that I could do better or that I made a mistake.

I do like the grey in his beard tho (a bit) He was such a baby face when I married him. I heard the comments....blaa blaa blaa.

It really is about souls connecting and taking the leap. I did, it never felt right till Adam, never.....

I always felt I was missing someone.......him.

The age thing was more of an inconvenience than a turn on, I just liked him. He is my first younger man and last. This site is for people caught in the whirlwind like I was and finding support that we are not crazy.

So welcome to those of us that got hitched. Bless you for a long and happy marriage.