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This might be more of a stereotype or coincidence of mine but I feel attracted especially to blonde women and I notice many older women are more blonde than women my own age. Don't know if it's just me though.


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Welcome! My hubby is 39, and I am 60. We normally do not think much about the age gap. We have been together for 15 years, almost 10 of those married. Have you experienced anything out of the ordinary? I think people are less judgemental than in the past.

Glad to see you 2 have stayed together 15 yrs now. Thats a long time imo! And yes i have experienced alot out of the ordinary. My family and friends were not very accepting. People look at us in public because she looks 15-20 yrs older. And because wifey is a big lady so she outweighs me big time. We just get alot of stares and judgements lol.

Welcome to AgelessLove! I was in a similar situation 20 years ago. It stays good.


Thanks SW! Hopefully i have your same luck


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I have kik app

Hey I am new 33 almost 34 I have kik app so if you have more questions we can chat on there. my screen name is sexy_andy0.