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Where's our missing "Home" sub-forum?


Some assembly required
I have a few "home" topic threads that I'd like to post but, uh...
I just noticed that there isn't any proper place to put them. :confused:

We have a section titled "Home, Health, and Family" but there's no sub-forum there for "Home" topics (only Parenting, Health, Mental Health, and Pets).

My "home" topics really don't fit under any other heading. Could we get a "Home" sub-forum set in place, please?

thanks :)


Some assembly required
Yoo-hooo, anybody home?... home?... home?...

*echo... echo... echo*...

Boo-hoo, nobody answers. I don't wanna be homeless. :(


I see what you mean. We titled the section "Home, Health and Family but didn't get you a section to post about Home. :tongue2:

I can add that.