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Who knew gasoline was more romantic than flowers?


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So this morning my boyfriend told me he got my point of view regarding how the lack of contact felt. He also apologized:D I told him this can't happen again and says it won't. He waited on the long gasoline line twice (two hours each time) to get enough gasoline to fill my car and brought it over and put it in my car. Gasoline in NJ is like gold right now b/c of the hurricane. This was more romantic to me than flowers that he went and bought an extra gasoline can and waited on line twice to get it filled just for me. Things are looking up b/c of his reflection on his actions, the apology and his thoughtfulness which all go such a long way for me toward getting us back on track.
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No, that is way, way more romantic than flowers :) As a resident of Queens (happy to have power and in a neighborhood suffering only minimal damage), someone bringing me gasoline would be my knight in shining armor these days:)


That is soooooooo awesome!!!! I heard on National Public Radio today that gas lines can be up to 4 hours long...so your guy just rocks!!!!


I see you have changed your avatar back to the photo of both of you....awwwwwwww

Happy things are looking up for you, both in the gas and bf departments.