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WHO WE ARE: Short Bios of OW/YM members



I don't know about the rest of you, but my menopause-fogged brain can't keep everyone straight. Even if you are hetero. :D I think it would be helpful -- do you think it would be helpful? -- to have ONE place where there's a reference. Because the space alloted for our bios on our profiles just don't cut it.

I don't see these bios as someplace to have a discussion, or comment (publically, at least) on what's written there. It's just so we can have a handy reference on people's background stories: who, where, what, why. The short version. Most of us have discusssed how we got here in threads long past, but new people are always joining. And, as I said, I had to start a score card to keep everyone unconfused.

Ideally, If Ageless Love board agrees, maybe this could become not just a thread but a section all it's own. Like the Chat Room, Chit Chat, Relationship Support, and Sexually Speaking.

Maybe this'll fly. Maybe not. Worth a try.

I'll start. And we can edit in more stuff as time goes on.
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d/b/a "Rhiannon".
52 this June (a Moon Child: most apt, I can be very moony).
I work at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts doing "academic administration." I've a B.A. in Fine Art from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, and an Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge College, MA.
I'm single, live alone. . . not counting six cats (don't ask). :rolleyes:
Married '75-'82, divorced long ago (and still good friends with the ex: he's like family now). No kids, never wanted 'em. :) Engaged once. Lived-with relationships: three.

I'm an only child who's always wanted four brothers. :D That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

For the past 16 months I've been dating an 18 years younger man -- "Thor." :) We saw eachother in the parking garage at work and immediately felt we "knew" eachother. "Oh, there you are!" We're madly in love, committed, and we both hope/intend to always be together. Not counting that life happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

Admittedly, his notion of "together" is new to me: he's polyamorous -- http://www.contra.org/lifestyles/poly/ -- and lives with his girlfriend of four years. I call her "LiL" for "Live in Love." I won't go into poly here, but you can ask me about it. Thor teases me that I've become the poly poster child, because even though I've always been monogamous up until now, I'm always defending it to my mono friends. YES, his primary girlfriend and I get along fine. We all even went on vacation together last summer -- with her other secondary boyfriend. (I'm the only one of the four who seems to struggle with any jealousy issues.) NO, I don't have sex with LiL and/or her other BF: it's not a swop/swingers arrangement. Are there challenges in poly? You betcha! (But it's not like monogamy is a cakewalk either, you know.) Would I prefer monogamy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think I might like to have a "secondary" boyfriend of my own as well. . . but finding someone who can compare to Thor is proving near impossible. But one lives in hope.

Most used quotes: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
"The lust for love cuts like a shiver. . . ."

I've got a blogger at LiveJournal.com: http://www.livejournal.com/users/roaming

Here's what I say about me there:

Urban bred, ex-native New Yorker, now entrapped, not unhappily, in New England Academia. Plotting escape to a castle in Scotland (with indoor plumbing, without the plague). Meanwhile, anything medieval-ish turns my head, especially the dress-up (and -down). "This above all you must learn; rape and pillage before you burn."

My idea of a perfect fun time (if a marathon weekend of affection, sensuality and sex with a lover isn't in the offing) is cutting loose at a Celtic concert with friends. I sing in minor keys, loudly and imperfectly, in the shower. Sometimes in mangled Gaelic.

Otherwise you'll find me roaming-in-the-gloaming -- dusk, twilight, l'heure bleu -- that magically suspended pause 'tween day and night when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Transformation is the prize if you let yourself fall through.

Less riskily, I needlepoint medieval tapestries, write erstwhile erotica, rescue critters from urban encroachment, organize highland games, try to be more courageous and outrageous. Dum Vivimus, VIVAMUS! (While we live, let us LIVE!) Suck life dry, toss away the husk.

So far I seem to be Hardwired Hetero, Monogamous by Nature, Poly only by Dire Necessity, D/s-very-lite, sorta-sub with a hint of switch.

Catch me on a different day, and what would seem important to tell might be different.

Interests: affection, Alan Rickman, Alasdair Fraser, animal rescue, animal welfare, animals, autumn, bagpipes, bodhrans, brogues, R. M. Burne-Jones, castles, ceilidhs, celtic knotwork, celtic music, celtic twilight, chainmail, Clannad, connection, corsets, costumes, courage, cuddling, d/s, Edinburgh, erotica, existential angst, Fairport Convention, fantasy, forests, friendship, gaelic, garb, gothic, gothick, hands, highland games, horses, Incredible String Band, kilts, kissing, knights, leather, Loreena Mckennitt, loving, massages, Mediaeval Babes, medieval, men, moonlight, movies, narnia, necking, needlepoint, oak-n-acorns, pagan, peeling layers, Pema Chodron, philosophy, poetry, Pre-Raphaelites, psychosexual role play, psychotherapy, rambling, reading, relationships, renaissance faires, Rilke, roaming-in-the-gloaming, robin hood, Rumi, Runrig, Russell Crowe, Sandy Denny, Sarah Maclachlan, Society for Creative Anachronisms, Scotland, skin hunger, sleeping late, snuggling, spirituality, stained glass, Steeleye Span, Stevie Nicks, submission, swords, tapestries, trees, U2, velvet, walking, Wm. Waterhouse, wishing, woodcarving, writing, yearning
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Wowie, Rhi!!! Turn-ons in alphabetical order! I'll look like a Beevis-and-Butthead personality in comparison, but as Stewart Smalley says, ".....and that's...OKAY"!

Me: Polly Hager, white female, 39, size 10, (would tell you my weight but it's classified information - I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you), occupation: self-employed housecleaner. Attended college for a year before getting preggers by husband and deciding to get a job and save money. Divorced hubby after two beautiful kids. Hubby was insane alcoholic but an amazing musician. Met him in a band I was the lead singer for. Was in rock bands from age 18-23. Traveled a bit. Still sing in bands now and then. Waiting for the right opportunity for all-female rock band that sounds like Led Zeppelin.

Robin: My fiance. White male, 23, 150 lbs., long, dark hair and beautiful green eyes, impeccable character. Had rough life, weird, alcoholic parents, has always worked hard, is a great artist! Loves Ozzy, Bon Jovi, 80's hair bands, Savatage, wants to learn to play the Fender Stratocaster I bought him for his 21st birthday, has a 5-year-old son, was in a bitter custody battle to win him only to lose because our wonderful justice system decided to believe the lies of his ex-girlfriend who is a waste of air, is a focused, goal-driven person, loyal, faithful, sincere, caring, sexy, smart, funny, giving, and a great lover! :) Loves sci-fi, Simpsons, comedy, the country, playing pool, and winning arguements! :D

Robin and I met 2 and 1/2 years ago at a local bar. We immediately connected and talked for 8 hours straight that night! We started dating and 5 months later he moved in. We went to Florida that summer where he proposed and I gladly accepted. We work together in the housecleaning business, bringing in $5,500 a month currently! We hope to open up a renovation business, buy up houses, fix them, and sell them or rent them out. We are very connected. We don't notice our age gap anymore. We are best friends and very supportive of eachother. We both feel lucky to be in this relationship!

Turn-ons: Sunny days, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Stevie Nicks, 80's music, camping, wildlife, birdwatching, THE OCEAN, my pets, meeting interesting people, playing pool, good food, clothes that don't make me look fat, horses, laughing, my two great kids, get-togethers with friends, art, comedy, movies, barhopping, coming to Ageless Love, and my biggest turn-on: snuggling with Robin! :)

Turn-offs: Fundamentalist religeous fanatics, cloudy, cold days, whiny kids!!!, dog getting into the garbage, mean people, Barry Manilow, incompetent fast-food workers, racists, bad hair days, bills, friggin bugs (the kind that fly around you and don't leave you alone), liars, cheaters, manipulators, pain of any kind!


Hi! I decided to come back here to edit my post...a lot has changed in 8 months! Liane, 33 yr old white female with a new boyfriend of 26. Previously dated very seriously & loved a 23 yr old with my whole heart, proud to say. I got my BA at Princeton (where I played 4 yrs of field hockey), MA in clinical psych. at Marywood U. And I am currently a counselor at a prep school in Cambridge, MA...I also teach sex ed (soon will teach psychology) and coach field hockey. I'm hugely into athletic pursuits though after getting ACL reconstructive surgery I'm a bit more on the sidelines...but going to the gym regularly to rehab...yup, getting buff! I'm told I'm cute, beautiful and athletic looking - have great long curly hair and a wonderful set of deep brown eyes. I love to cook gourmet meals, read historical fiction, I actually do like to get dressed up and wear makeup, despite my outdoorsy nature (very girly in some ways). Musically my tastes range from blues to classic rock to the punk and rave sounds of my youth. The guys who turn me off - never take risks, enjoy sitting at home drinking beers in front of a t.v. all the time, don't know what it means to push themselves in any way. My current YM, Jason, is 26. He also went to Princeton for his undergrad and is a very cute computer geek (his words). He has always had a thing for older women and puts up with lots of grief from his workmates/friends about me...but he loves it! He is a master swimmer & has competed recently in the US National swim trials as the oldest swimmer there...thus great body & athletic! I think this one has potential!
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Desert Spring

New member
Well, unlike some of you loquacious folk, I really am going to do a short bio.

38, journalist (currently doing a nonprofit gig), Bay Area, (one of those unrepentant crazy leftists in San Francisco) - married once - a ten year relationship ended sadly by my hussband's death from cancer at 41 six years ago (my older man) - now madly in love with a 23 year old with whom I've been living together for almost two years and who I am about to follow off the graduate school for his PHD program.

Inverate reader, rally-instigator, insanely enthusiastic traveler to anywhere with an airport and an ancient temple, lover of ceramics and textile art and photography, ex-wanna-be dancer, and a fine cook of Thai and Mexican cuisine (although I microwave just about anything else).

and I wanna learn to play acoustic guitar :>


Wow, reading these bios goes to show...you've gotta have kicked around the planet a few years to be so interesting!

Ok, here we go.

Sex: yes please! hehehehe Sorry; female.
Nationality: Canadian.
Age: 43, but according to this lifestyle study I did last week, I'll be 35 by this June. :D
Physicality: Tall, slim, dark blonde, big blue-green eyes, blind as a bat w/o my specs.
Marital status: blissfully co-habitating with my YM two years this coming December. Before that, married for nearly 20 years. Separated nearly two years. Divorce s/b final this Autumn.
Children: one son, 19. One daughter 15. Both living with their dad. And we have no plans to have children of our own.
Location: England, for now. We've moved coasts/continents twice in two years and may be doing it again. Possible relocation: U.S. It's getting so I'm not sure anymore which time zone I'm waking up in. :p
Occupation: Former Admin Assistant with best position being six years in Pediatric Medicine. Current occupation: Writer. Have been doing this on and off since I was a teenager. Have had some small things published. Working on a novel which no doubt will supply me enough rejection slips to re-paper the front hall. LOL
Favorite couples (besides my YM and me): My dad and mom, Tracy & Hepburn.
Other Favs: Huge movie buff, voracious reader, closet chocoholic (guess I'm "out" now eh?), love long walks, yoga, Pilates, slow dancing, slow kissin', and looonnnggg, slow love-making. Want to get a big bowser named "Clarence" to take on walks with me.
Favorite quotes: difficult to pick just one or two but anyway - "We aren't retreating, we're advancing in another direction." and "You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny."

My YM and me met via the Net two years ago. Started out as e-pals and things just went from there. The saying "nothing worth having comes easy", perfectly describes the events leading up to our finally being together. He is 28, a software engineer, dark hair, gorgeous brown eyes and the most kissable mouth on the planet. Loving, generous, brilliant mind, responsible and I'm incredibly lucky to have found him.

Its said that everyone deserves a second chance, but few get the opportunity to live it. I was given that opportunity and will always be thankful to the Great Unknown for sending him to me.

Peace be the journey!


hi,my real name is Robin.i'm 43.I grew up in central florida in a little town in between daytona and orlando.before all the building,florida was a beautiful place to grow up in.i moved to north central florida years ago because i love horses and it is horse country,now the building is taking over here too:( .
i am an avid animal lover and have always been.my husband joey and i take in abandoned and abused animals.at this time we have 26 dogs and 11cats and some other animals.we bought a little house in the country on a few acres.we tell anyone who will listen to please spay or neuter your pets.
my husband joey is 32,we met about 5 years ago and started dating 2 years ago and married this past oct.in cassadaga,fl,the town of spirtulists.
we both love to read.love flea markets.music and ebay.i collect teddy bears and have like 300 or so.(didn't get enough toys as a kid i guess??)
we both have VERY disfunctional families that we have as little to do with as possible.come to think of it,i think we have nothing to do with them,except for my mother.
i have been married before,no kids.i loved in a couple other states for awhile ny and va.,but always came back to fl.
i have seen and done alot of things in my life,but now opt for living quitely in the country(except for feeding time,when it's not too quite!!)
oh yea,the name Nafadda is really one of my dog's names.she's a black greyhound and i borrow her name cause'it's so cool.


Active member
Hi, I've been coming here for a long time. David encouraged me to join, and he's actually the one who initiated contact for me with a couple of people.
We look like this

I'm a Nurse/Respiratory Therapist, 46 years old. I have been married twice, 10 years the first time, and was with my second husband for 17 years. I have 3 grown kids, 4 fabulous grandchildren, and following a tubal reversal at age 38, have a miracle daughter, who's my great joy.
David's from North Carolina originally. We met playing Ultima Online, and were friends for a few months. I thought he was a very bright nice kid, and we spent lots of time talking. A couple of months after I left my husband, he started telling me he thought we could be a couple, he was 17, I was 45. I was very patronizing, very "older". He was very determined. I became terrified when I realized that not only was he very very serious, I was having really strong feelings for him too. I was sure I had to be insane. We decided to meet in person, and I was sure that would be the end of this fantasy we'd worked up between us. Five months later he moved here with me, and in May, we'll have lived together for a year. He's the most wonderful guy, treats me like I've never been treated. He's a very nurturing male, and cares deeply for me.
David's a Certified Nursing Assistant in an extended care unit, considering a career of some kind in the medical field. We both still love our Ultima Online, where our two main characters are happily married. We love going to Renaissance Faires, and dress up and roleplay. We spend time with the family. Both of us are movie buffs, and we both love reading, mostly fantasy, although I read anything. I collect angels, and fancy shoe figurines, he collects dragons and swords.
He actually sometimes comes across as the older one in our relationship. My daughter-in-law looked at him funny the other day, after he'd said something, and said to me "He's so darn old sometimes". I had to chuckle, she's 7 years older than him.
He's taught me what love really is.
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Ok, here's mine:
Nancy. I live in Upstate NY. I'm a writer/producer and I create websites, cds, tv shows and industrial video, along with writing some freelance stuff. As you can see, work occupies a great deal of my life. I host some tv shows - you might see me in a boating series on PBS. I also used to be very active in the acting community, did a few movies, but I don't have time for that anymore - or frankly, anything that doesn't pay decently! My present goal is to finally get my a** in gear and write the illustrated novel I've had perking in my brain for two years now.

I have two wonderful children who are grown and independent and doing very well with whom I have wonderful, close relationships. I'm very blessed there.

I suppose it's the actor in me but I've been through many incarnations and have so many interests I never have time for them all, but I am consistently into physical activity of any kind: swimming, diving, skiing, biking, running, riding, or just plain working out.

I do some art, mostly illustrations for poems and children's books, fairy stories, that kind of thing. I play a few instruments (not very well, but passionately!) and am in love with Celtic traditional (Scots-Irish) music, which is why I taught myself fiddle so I could play those beautiful tunes! Also taught myself bodhran, which I also play (badly).

I used to garden avidly but find my time is just so limited I can't do it the way I want, so I putter now more than really work at it. I LOVE to travel and have been to the Yucatan, Hawaii, road trips across the US, Spain, Scotland, England, and the north of Africa. I have so many more places to go! Anyone want to make a voyage? I tend to find a place I love - like Hawaii and Scotland - and then go back again and again.

Maybe that last statement is a good analysis of me: loving two places as disparate as Hawaii and Scotland. One warm and sunny and laid back; the other cold and bracing and misty. If it means anything, I'm a dead-on cusp of Taurus and Gemini, so needless to say, I'm constantly at war with myself. Stay home and be cozy or run away and have an adventure?

My ideal situation would be to have a life-long, secure, best-friend-and-love who was also an adventurer at heart, so I would have both the security, and the adventure, all wrapped up in one bundle!

I've been married twice: the first time while still in college (which produced the two kids), that lasted about 5 years. He was the most beautiful, talented, intelligent, psychotic man I have ever met. (It was some consolation and pain to me that he ended up dealing drugs and going to jail, even though professionally he was an electrical engineer - go figure that one out??) A couple of years later I married again, a lawyer. Fun, intelligent, we shared many interests and had a good friendship but he couldn't give up the ladies. In fact, I don't think marriage was ever a good choice for him: he remains unmarried though we split up after another 5 years so that was a long time ago...

I then had a short but wonderful relationship with my (first)"younger" man, but he was only 4 years younger so I don't even give that credit any more! He was probably the one I should have married but I was a wounded bird at the time and was really not fit for a relationship.

Then ten on-and-off years with a man I can't describe because it's too embarassing - but I finally learned my lesson that you have to insist upon character, kindness, intelligence and decency above sexiness, intensity and gut-level attraction.

I met my current ym on the internet. I don't think either of us thought it would go anyway because of the age gap; neither of us had a track record being with the ow/ym variety. But after long chats both online and on the phone, we met and clicked. We've been together since, and while I would describe our basic relationship as ideal (we simply enjoy the hell out of one another), we are dealing with his fear of the future, which is what brought me to this site.

My goals: write that book; see as much of the world as I can cram in; spend lots of time with my family and love them to death; finally find that man who loves me enough to say "you are what I want above all."

Mrs Robinson

cold intellect in a sexy container

I'm Laura, and I am a 34 year old woman who lives just south of Boston.

Born and raised in a small country town in a very rural part of Michigan, I met a guy online 7 years ago and moved to the East Coast to be with him. He was my last older man. I was 27, he was 41. I've always been an age-gapper, refusing to date anyone unless they were 10-15 years older than my current age. Guys never had a problem with, no you are too young.

On a whim, for you-know-whats and giggles, I sought out a younger man last year through a person ad. 1000 responses. And I thought that younger men weren't attracted to older men. Wrong! Now my age range is 13-16 years younger. Guys really have a problem with being told they are too old.

Age was never a criteria for judging a person, just a requirement for being considered at all. I used to have a height requirement, too, 6 feet or better (i'm 6 feet in high heels, and I hate towering). Nixed that when I moved to New England, must be something in the water, there is a much lower percentage of six-footers out here. So, I've gotten used to towering on occasion.

I've worked in IT for a number of years, but I'm in the process of getting out of it to focus on my writing. I wrote one novel a couple of years ago, not for publication as it was an unlicensed derivative, but I did put it up online and it was quite a hit with the fan community, and a professional editor told me to get off my a** and work on writing for publication.

I've just started writing articles for a trade newsletter, I'm an expert on the web hosting industry, and they may give me a column. I'm also in the process of writing a book about my adventures in cyberspace finding my young man. How do you choose one man from 1000 (it's "You've got Mail" meets "The Graduate" meets "Survivor"). ? As soon as I get the first draft complete and online, I will be asking around for beta readers.

I'm also working on a book about female sexual dysfunction and how i overcame it and my technique which I call the Divine Orgasm, got invited to do a workshop on that locally. Bogged down in the historical research now-reading Freud, and the other pioneers of human sexuality theory. How can sex be so boring? When the Victorians write about it.

I have a wonderful YM in my life right now, i've been dating him since last summer. He is a brilliant, creative man, and except for the fact that school keeps him very busy, he's perfect. Some people tell me he's the lucky one, but that's me. I'm polyamorous, so he's not the only person in my life, but except for my significant other, he's the only one who is anything but a good friend. Although one of them is interested in becoming more than just my good friend. So, we'll see.

Likes: Loud heavy alternative music, dancing to trance with a glowstick in each fist, science fiction and fantasy movies and books, action and kung fu movies. Nights out with my guy friends. Shopping (forget having a black belt in shopping, I'm a ninja). Racing and one-on-one combat games on my PS2. Exchanging ideas on the Internet. All your base are belong to us. Making friends. Good people. The three stooges, Beavis and Butthead, and the Simpsons. Fan mail. Flash intros.

Dislikes: romantic comedies, 'chick' music. Being told what to think. Trolls, except in areas designated for trolling. Rude people. Stupid people. White suburban guys listening to rap music that rattles the windows of the house when they drive by. Wanna-be's. Married men hitting on me. Any guy trying to pick me up online or in a bar. Being expected to have cybersex, phone sex, or cam2cam with random strangers online. Vulgarity not meant in jest. Hate mail.

Favorite quotes: "Just because other people are stupider than you are, doesn't make you smart" and "The best things in life are always just out of reach, so you have to stretch a bit to get to them. If we do not stretch, we will never grow." both attributable to yours truly.
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NAME: Road Warrior
SEX: Male
Motto: No More Mister Nice Guy!
DOB: 10.17.65
HT: 5'9
WT: 200 LBS
HAIR COLOR: Fleshtone{Shaved Head}
OCCUPATION: Mechanic/Machinist/ Master of Disaster
BOOKS: Atlas Shrugged, Mothman Prophecies, The Unfair Advantage, My Side of the Mountain
MOVIES: The Mad Max Trilogy, An Officer and a Gentleman, Imitation of Life, Anything by Ed Wood
TV: Classics: Three Stooges, Lucy, Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, etc
MUSIC: Progressive/Hard Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk
BANDS: Led Zep, ELP, Yes, Rush, Triumph, Moody Blues, Judas Priest, The Cars
SPORTS: Baseball, auto racing, wrestling, boxing
HOBBIES: Designing/building high performance engines, racing, weight training, reading, playing bass and singing
TURN ONS: O/W, American Pride, American performance cars, intelligence, open minded people, love, spirituality, laughter, cats, dogs, lizards, snakes, long conversations, tattoos, piercings, beer, playing with kids, helping people, driving fast, working out to loud and heavy music, hot showers, shaving my head, long sessions of foreplay, dominant woman, pleasing my lover, and punching out idiots.
TURN OFFS: Judgmental people, narrow minded people, prejudical people, liars, morons, blowhards, mouth breathers, chowder heads, jabronies, yuppies, foreign cars, rap, cruelity to animals, scumbags who abuse women, scumbags who burn American Flags, scumbags who bad mouth America, scumbags who destroy American property, scumbags who kill Americans, and all other scumbags!
BIO: I used to be a poster, but now I'm just a lurker. Don't feel like contributing, and I got sick of singing the blues about my sexual confusion, crazy ex-wife, and other tales from the dark side. Couldn't figure woman out either, so I decided to leave 'em alone. Now I drink my beer, lift my weights, wrench on my hot rod, and watch my wrasslin' and 3 Stooges. I have watered my lifestyle down to 4 teeth and 5 braincells, and it looks like I have found Nirvana. I will one day be the patron saint of white trash!
Shoot high, aim low, give up easy!


Road Warrior

If you're a Rush fan, you're an awright guy! You hear, they have a new album coming out. Hope they tour to support it. :D


Name: Cali_Guy
Occupation: Poor undergrad student studying finance
Location: So Cali
Hobbies: Besides flirting with OW ;) .......Desert Spring, I'll borrow your quote. "Insanely enthusiastic traveler". Yep, that's me. I've been around the US (probably 25 states), and some of Mexico and Canada. I would LOVE to go overseas to Europe, Asia,...anywhere with ancient sites and a stable government :) Travelling is one of my big passions. Also, I'm into philosophy, music (classical to alternative to dance etc), Playstation 2, eBay, stocks, sports, movies.
Status: Single
Turn on's: Women with a good sense of humor (this is a MUST), honest, intelligent, down to earth, caring, passionate about something, that never hurts either. Someone comfortable going to an art museum one night, a concert the next, and cuddling up on the couch renting a movie the following night.
Turn off's: Women who think they are "above" you. Loud, obnoxious women. Women who play games. Women who's hair is shorter than mine. The direction TV is going. Cheesy Boy Band songs. Waiting in line at the post office every time I go.
April 15th.
Guilty pleasures: Howard Stern (occasionally). Maxim, Stuff Magazine. Brooke Burke on the E! channel.
Romantic turn on's: A candlelite dinner overlooking the water. A picnic in a park on a nice afternoon. Taking a bath together. :)


About me!

Hi, Tom here. I've been coming to this forum for a year now, and finally decided to post my identity. I just got sick of sitting on the sidelines. Anyway, I'm single,34, and live in Philadelphia, in the Old City section. I come to this forum because I realized that I was capable of being attracted to older women as well as women my own age. I don't know how this exactly happened, when, and well, who cares. One day I was involved with a woman older than myself. I didn't plan it, and always felt, or rather assumed that my natural inclination was toward women my own age -and that would be that. Boy, you never know what life has in store for you. It's always an unveiling process that's full of suprises. Taught me never think in too rigid a manner, and always be open.

I received my B.A. from Temple University in Psychology, and am currently applying to an M.S. program for counseling. My interests are art, as long as it's done well-not cheesy. I enjoy cooking , thai food, provincial french, and italian. I enjoy classical music, blues, and dance music.

In a person, I prefer sponteneity, availability, and someone who is personable, and flexible. SOmeone who can be light hearted and simple,fun to be with. Also , someone who listens.
Hate, rigidity, someone who is "too busy", etc. Look, generally, someone who knows how to be a human being in a relationship.


Re: Road Warrior

Originally posted by Bubble_bert

If you're a Rush fan, you're an awright guy! You hear, they have a new album coming out. Hope they tour to support it. :D

Yep, RUSH has long provided a soundtrack to my life. "New World Man" could be my theme song. The new wax will be out in April, and it is called "Vapor Trails." The boys will be touring in support of it. After all drummer Neal Peart has gone through in the last couple of years, {loss of daughter to car accident, loss of wife to cancer} it will be great to see him on the road to healing. :)


*** I etc ***

*am London born and bred. Love it. Live near where I was born.
*work in the film industry. Enjoy my job. Talk about films all day. Go to a few flash film events too.
*would like to lecture in film studies one day. Have a good film studies and communication degree.
*am quite confident and outgoing but actually a bit shy.
*am battle scarred but not bitter. Had a few real bad-boys for boyfriends and tough things to deal with. Suspect if you haven't had this by 35 maybe you're not taking enough risks?
*first met my boyfriend in Nov 1999. Thought he was lovely but didn't pursue him. Met him the second time in Jun 2000. Fireworks and waves crashing onto the beach type thang. Been together ever since. Started living together Dec 2001. Love and adore him. He's about to turn 28; I'm about to turn 37. Age gap hasn't really affected us. Don't think his parents approve though - they can sue me!
--- Loves: happiness, my boyfriend and friends, reading, courage, bicycling round London, films, gigs, the sea, clubbing, dancing, comedy clubs, Saturday mornings, women with balls, art galleries, cooking, talking, camping, laughter, sitting by the Thames on a clear sunny day, writing my never to be published novel, reading other people's I can't believe this was ever published novels......
Words: Rebecca West "I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is; I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute". My mother "success is the best revenge" (not her original words I know). "The rapture of self loss" - anyone know who said this?


I was raised in Northern Cali. most of my life. I'm an artist, seamstress, clothing designer, and creative window display designer. I'm divorced with a wonderful daughter. We're animal lover's and have a small zoo, two dogs, a cat, and four birds. I'm a victim of the Dow Corning cover-up. I'm in the process of cleansing my body from silicone poisoning and heavy metals that I aquired from breast implants after having breast cancer at the age of 29.

Likes- Most anything unusal, that goes for music, films, art, art shows, museums, relationships, different thought processes, animals, being creative, erotica, passion, different cultures, I want to see the world, Indian food, Chinese food, velvet clothing, nature, communication, working on my writing and photography, justice, chocolate, good wine, good imported beer, good root beer and all the other things I can't have while I'm detoxing, Damn it! I'd love to live in an Addams Family house or a castle with plenty of land around me with a view of the ocean, I'm such a romantic!

Dislikes- Close mindedness, inflated ego's, injustice, country music, most top 40 music, "the norm", people choosing to be ignorant, people telling me how I should live my life when I didn't ask them for advice in the first place, religious zealots, black licorice, selfishness and a lack of compassion.

I was in love with a YM. We planned on living the rest of our lives together. He was in a horrible accident and before he died he made sure he told me he loved me. He was 22. We had 6 years of love and friendship.

This is the reason I came here in the first place.

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Short Bio ?

I come from the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon. I've lived here my whole life except for those jaunts to Israel and Hawaii. Living in Israel was the most eye-opening experience of my life because the internationalism is unbelievable. Portland has Portlanders. I loved traveling and hearing different languages and learning so many different cultures.

I have never married. Did a few live-ins. But couldn't do the marry thing. I didn't have it in me; usually found ways to fly. I do have two children, boys, ages 10 and 7; they are wonderful and bright little stinkers who keep me very young at 47 (soon to be 48 in another week or so).

My boyfriend is 32 and I am crazy about him. He is the most wonderful partner I have ever known. And he is also drug and alcohol free and lives in this country and he works!!! My pattern for years was to look for the guys who didn't have it together. He is extremely bright, practical, big and sexy and just plain wonderful. I had never even considered the existance of younger men except in Cher's life. I just met Greg, and it all happened. We started as an agreed casual sex thing, that was really not my thing, but did it anyway, and fell in the lovey dovey stuff almost immediately cause I'm just not a sexer without the feelers kinda person. We've now been going over a year. He's the guy I want. I'm content with him.

I work in social services and run a grant here that helps persons who are disabled find training and employment opportunities. I love my work and blessed with a bunch of colleagues who are similiar to the Mary Tyler Moore show.

I wake up in a good mood and I go to bed in a good mood. It helps that it's spring here in Oregon. I have a home that is about 100 years old, bathroom is in the kitchen, and the ceilings reach the sky. We live in an excellent area of Portland with everything we want. We are a happy little family.

I do have kaka moods though, don't think I'm Miss Smell the Roses person either. I mean when the down hits, baby I'm on the ground. But I always end up getting up again.


Hi all my name is Brenda and I have been coming to the ageless sight for about a year and a half but have been too busy to post lately.Im 37 years old and my ym Justin is just shy of 22.We have been a couple for almost 4 1/2 yrs and actually as of today we have lived together for 4 yrs.We live in Abbotsford B.C. Canada with 2 of my 3 sons Greg 15 & Mark 9, my oldest Chris 17 has just left the nest to try it on his own .At the present time I am not working and considering going back to school and taking an office administration course and Justin works at a radiator manufacturing company.We love the great outdoors and have many hobby's such as 4x4ing,fishing,paintballing and trap shooting. When I seperated from my ex husband in Sept 97 I was renting a room from Justin's father and in Oct 97 Justin also moved back in with his dad.We grew close very quickly and found we went together like peas and carrots.I never thought of him as being 17, he has always been very mature for his age.He is a wonderful step father to our kids and has a closer relationship with them then their own father.My parents are very accepting of him and welcome him as part of the family.Justins dad accepted our relationship right from the start, his mother took over 3 years to come around.We plan to marry in the next 2 years but as of yet have not picked a date.I must admit I get a kick out of peoples reactions when they see us walking down the street holding hands.Just recently we went out to buy a new tv and Justin was filling out a credit application and had to ask me what our new postal code was.The salesman piped in "Thats what mothers are for".Justin replied " Thats not my mother thats my girlfriend". I swear to god that salesmans face was red as a tomatoe for a good 1/2 hr after:D .My YM is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world.

Brenda :)


About me

My name is Jay.

I am 21. My significant other is 44. We met via internet about 2 1/2 years ago. We are an interracial couple. BM/WF. I have always read everyone else's story's on here but never took the time to post my own. Deb is my life :). I love her more and more with each passing day. I have no problem with the age or race (in our case) difference. I'm originally from the south (AR) But, I moved to be closer to Deb. We live together in Northern Iowa. I could talk all night but, since this is supposed to be a short bio, then I'll share "our" full story later. I'm looking forward to talking with all of you.