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Why do people feel the need to be nasty?


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One thing I have learned or have noticed in that some people are very unhappy with their lives, they don't like their job, their partner their weight what ever it is. Some people are just very unhappy and feel the need to voice their dislike for everything at anytime. I mostly ignore the remarks. Over the weekend my boyfriend surprised me a great gift of a nice vacation planned for next month. We have had a very rocky year and came out very strong and months ago over dinner he promised me we would get away over the summer (I have off for two months he took some weeks off to spend with me) and just have a relaxing nice time.

I opened my surprised and we are going to the Bahamas for 4 days next month and I was so happy. I went into work and was talking to some friends who are so happy for me knowing what I've been through and the fact that my wonderful boyfriend would do something so nice. There is one woman at work who is very unhappy and money and life is just an issue all the time, while showing friends the place online she felt the need to comment "it's so expensive why would he waste his money on that?" I was in shock but just brushed it off. Later on in the day she asked me again about my trip, what airline and the usually. Like a fool I told her some more details and again she said "wow, that's a lot of money for 4 days...the weather probably won't even be nice" then she said "why would you spend so much on that?" out of anger I responded with "because I can" and walked away.

It's just been bugging me how someone who barley even knows us can be so rude and on top of that make such off remarks about something that has nothing to do with her at all. If I want to empty my bank account and gamble my money away it is no one's business besides for the people who I have to feed and keep a roof over their head.

I just can't stand rude mean people and people who always feel the need to be down and nasty about every little thing.


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People say nasty things because it makes them feel superior. Those people have very low self esteem. They're really quite pitiful because they have to make someone else seem small to make themselves feel big. I think it's, also, jealousy. The best way to deal with it is to "kill 'em with kindness".


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It's just so unreal to me...even at my worst times I couldn't bring myself to say something mean or hateful to another person. If someone was talking about going away or having a party or doing something fun on the weekends and I was the midst of a bad depression episode or too broke to even eat that day I wouldn't want to damper their excitement and fun because I was an unhappy person at the time. I guess this falls into the category of everyone is different and handles things differently.


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The woman at work can't be happy for you, because she wishes she was going to the Bahamas with her boyfriend who surprised her with the trip. It's unfortunate that there are people out there, who cannot find it in themselves to be happy for others if they are unhappy with their own life. I think the frustration of not being able to get their own life into the space where they feel happy just overpowers the ability to be happy for others. But, unfortunately, it is that very same attitude that actually prevents them from having happiness in their life. Their inability to love manifests as lack of love in their life. But, yes, I like the idea of bringing back a souvenir for her. ;)


Maybe she is just a miser who cannot fathom people spending money just to have fun.
She should be pitied.
She will always live in poverty because her poverty comes from her spirit.


Some assembly required
She's jealous. If you really want to rub it in, a souvenir would be the perfect passive-aggressive retribution.

Jealousy is the ugliest emotion of all, and it's been with us since the beginning of time. It's one of the evils that flew out of Pandora's Box.

Jealousy has caused more pain and suffering in this world than anything else... and started more wars.


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Today at work we were both on the break room together and I didn't say anything she asked me if I started packing yet and I told her that it's not for another few weeks so I have some time. I was being nice and asked her what her summer plans were and she responded with, well no tropical vacations for me. I answered back very quickly and more loud yes, this is my first one in years too and I've been through so much in my personal life it's nice to get away and enjoy my life while I still have one. I don't know why I shared so much with her but I just felt like giving her a little dig like this isn't something I do every month and I've had problems to. She didn't respond one word to that last remark and hopefully she's done now.

I also wonder if these remarks are coming from the fact that I'm 26 and she knows my boyfriend is older, doesn't know how old but I wonder if she thinks I'm just with him for the vacations and stuff like that. People at work know I am in a serious relationship and close friends and co workers know his age and our details but she wouldn't. She has seen us together at work functions so I am curious if these comments are coming from that angle.