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YM Seeking OW in New Jersey

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Hello My name is Paul I am a younger man seeking a older woman here in New Jersey. I live in Gloucester city I am currently 26 years old I will be 27 in October 2006. I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and I weigh 150Lbs. I have dark hair and decent body tone. I am irish and have 3 sisters and one half brother. I am a computer repair tech I run my own very small business I started when I was 12 or 13 years old which is not bad I think. I make enough to live on which is what counts the most. I have a decent sence of humor can take jokes as well as dish them out and I have a big heart and soul to match. I will try anything new at least once.

Things I enjoy::D
reading, watching TV, computer gaming, walking, biking, hiking, camping, swiming, watching movies, listening to music, going out to dinner, singing, and many more

Things I hate::(
Country music, Rap Music, gold diggers (there is so much more to life than money), brusell spruts, onions, chitlings, hagis, I will add more later.

My favorite saying:
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong "murphy's Law"
(but I hope that will change soon)

What I hope to find here:
A older woman age is nothing but a number thats why I am here. I am not picky including weight or in regards to age beggars cant be choosers LOL :D someone that enjoys similar things as me but does not have to be a carbon copy of me it is the differences that makes us who we are so in reality it deos not really matter. I would like a long term relationship and if you so desire a long term intimate relationship does not have to be in that order it is up to you the ball is in your court. someone careing and loving no head games please. Someone that can work things out with me when things dont go our way.

How to contact me:
Please feel free to email me at omegadvd_at_hellstar@yahoo.com or omega1147@hotmail.com to trade pictures and phone numbers or just to talk. Please include your name and from ageless love in the subject line in your first email to me so I know where it came from and what I am looking for thank you in advance and I hope to talk to you soon who ever that may be.
Not open for further replies.